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To Disciple

Greetings Disciple,

Please excuse my taking so long to respond – I had midterms + girlfriend issues. I read your responses, and, again, I don’t think you understand what I am trying to communicate/reason.

***In fairness, you need to clarify this pessimism and "what we are not" card you dealt to me. Our sources/paths destinations are written into our own hearts/minds, INTERNALLY, not mandated/dictated/sanctioned by a passed law***

In fairness – I apologize. I, in no way meant to deal you that card. It is not what you are about. I wanted to understand, and because I was not getting what I thought I needed to hear, I thought you were fixated on a stance and not willing to understand where I was coming from. My impatience is at fault. Again, I apologize, and hope we can still reason.

My question to you was – what would be the pros + cons of having a Single/Universal Equality Bill? This is not an idea, it’s very real.

A British article [Google UK] informed of a ‘Single Equality Bill’ being pushed by government. In the bill, gains made by (blacks, gays, women etc.) would be omnibuses to effectively stitch every person into the societal fabric.

The Bill puzzled me.

Why push this bill? Why now? What would such a bill accomplish that AA, GR, and other integration laws cannot? Would it be positive? Negative? Why? Why do we need a bill to direct us to unity? Is this Equality bill a salve? Politically prescribed medication to treat the festering sickness of capitalist/imperialist/racist mindsets? I concluded yes, but I wanted to reason about it because I did not know all the angles.

You said truly… ***LAWS do not change mindsets. Mindsets change mindsets*** truth-speak! – yet, if one does not have this mindset how does one acquire it?

You stated ***ACT on acknowledging and affirming this equality you seek. In other words, align with the "LAW" of Ma'at which really is not a law. It is not a law but a reality...the truth*** Truth vibrates inside, but not everybody can feel it. Honest self analysis/reasoning is best, but least likely. Fear/direction via Law/consequence is how you ‘teach’ the MASSES - and is exactly what I saw in this Bill.

Which brings us back to Internal Truth. People are more aware of the consequences of disobeying mandated law than truth. Conditioned to authoritarianism. Obedience via fear and consequences – blind, unchallenged obedience to criminal authority are prison bars of the imperialistic/capitalist institution.

Essentially what this Bill (and any bill/law/rule written by the controllers) is – is Antagonistic Hierarchy, a ‘system’ introduced in the construct to force people into slavery – working to advance of the construct in lue of their spiritual selves. This is diametrically opposed to Synergetic Hierarchy, the system of Ma’at that naturally unites and sustains. I read your ‘Hierarchy Reasoning’ and found I agree with you in your stance against antagonism, but why it is so difficult to synergize.

^ Higher Height ^ --- Aren’t AA and GR and any integrative LAW all masks of Antagonistic Hierarchy? Are not these laws still separately pertaining to the ‘liberating’ of a particular sect of people rather than everyone?

It is interesting to see how identical LAW is to society, in that it addresses everyone – separately. This bill presents (albeit pretentiously) a different perspective. What if LAW addresses/d everyone? As a whole. Can such an equality law abolish the entitlement of racist beneficiaries and erode the status quo?

This, Disciple, is what interests me.

I know such a LAW is rubbish, [so is Equality. More and more I see Equality as obstacle to true Synergy] but are the [legal] gains made by the civil rights activists’ both in the streets and courts rubbish as well?

As it stands, to me, Affirmative Action, Gay rights, immigration and all integrative laws are but a necessity to get bees and hornets and wasps working together in the same hive without stinging each other. The bees and the wasps and the hornets only tolerate each other because that are all living in captivity and are given sedatives [LAWS] to inebriate/control them.

***Laws do not change Mindsets*** – I agree, but am conflicted because a crucial gain of these LAWS is it facilitated tolerance in people who before LAW would never have done so if it were not LAWFUL. They would still adhere to segregationist mindsets. Blacks would not be able to do some of the things we are able to do if not for LAW. Yes in the system it does not mean much, but for ones trying to survive in the system – it means EVERYTHING.

I agree that laws from the controllers are written by and for them, but, in light of history, of what the pros and cons I have seen in the passing of Laws, Disciple, what are the implications of such a bill?

What would it accomplish/destroy for:
a. the controllers
b. the masses

----- seek

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