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Re: To Disciple
In Response To: To Disciple ()

*******My question to you was – what would be the pros + cons of having a Single/Universal Equality Bill? This is not an idea, it’s very real.********

It would not address the imbalance that the initial system has created. Its just the party host allowing the help to eat leftover caviar and champagne.

******Why do we need a bill to direct us to unity? *******

Because it convinces the masses of progress being made. These things are done to prevent ripples. Its now time for all hands on board but without disturbing the white comfort level.

********You said truly… ***LAWS do not change mindsets. Mindsets change mindsets*** truth-speak! – yet, if one does not have this mindset how does one acquire it?********

Not by gobbling what the controllers throw at you. First, you have to want to seek a mindset change. You have to want truth over what you believe truth to be. You have to love knowledge and understand that faith and beliefs are not complete. You have to want to do the work to fill in the gap between assumption/faith and truth. The controllers want you to remain in a state of belief and faith which are synonyms of uncertainty. In a state of uncertainty ANYTHING can be thrown upon you.

Since truth is the foundation of reality, you will be able to sight that there are connections between everything and what connects everything is truth.

*******Fear/direction via Law/consequence is how you ‘teach’ the MASSES - and is exactly what I saw in this Bill*******

Exactly and what we must realize is that fear and consequence doctrine teaches and instills nothing more than fear and consequence. This is an effective tool/weapon but is not for the purposse of doing any favors for the masses.

*******Which brings us back to Internal Truth. People are more aware of the consequences of disobeying mandated law than truth. Conditioned to authoritarianism. Obedience via fear and consequences – blind, unchallenged obedience to criminal authority are prison bars of the imperialistic/capitalist institution.********


*******Antagonistic Hierarchy, a ‘system’ introduced in the construct to force people into slavery – working to advance of the construct in lue of their spiritual selves. *******


*******This is diametrically opposed to Synergetic Hierarchy, the system of Ma’at that naturally unites and sustains. I read your ‘Hierarchy Reasoning’ and found I agree with you in your stance against antagonism, but why it is so difficult to synergize.********

Ok, you said "hierarchy" so tell me what is supreme in this "synergetic hierarchy" and what is the least important component?

Hierarchy and synergy are different on a conscious level. Essentially they are the same but hierarchy is a convoluted interpretation that erroneously presents an arrangement of there being a top (better/greater/more important) component that holds supremacy. This is false whereas ANY alleged supreme component is DEPENDENT upon what is considered lessor components. In human minds this notion causes class differentiation which is nothing more than exploiting "subordinates" because it is believed that subordinates are divinely sanctioned to serve the needs of the alleged superior.

That is poisonous because the acknowledgment of the truth of that arrangement is non-existent.

Imagine America admitting that it NEEDED slaves to build its strength. Instead, it uses hierarchy as the justification. It was by the fact that whites accomplished enslaving blacks that it was God's will in their mind. And you cannot blame them when hierarchy means "divine ranking". If it was not meant for whites to be in a superior position, God would not have allowed them to be in that position.

********Are not these laws still separately pertaining to the ‘liberating’ of a particular sect of people rather than everyone?********

They are for the purpose of giving the impression of change/progress.


********More and more I see Equality as obstacle to true Synergy] but are the [legal] gains made by the civil rights activists’ both in the streets and courts rubbish as well?********

Civil rights is nothing but allowing select/probationary applicants to share in the CIVIL benefits of a society but not much in the way of HUMAN benefits/rights. The ultimate civil rights accomplishment in the US is the election of Obama as president...AND??? Notice nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is changing as it applies to Afrikans/blacks or any other pigmented people across the earth.

It is business as usual. It is imperialism and bombs and missiles as usual. It is a legal system that still disproportionately fills jails with black men. It is eye candy but no substance.

*******Blacks would not be able to do some of the things we are able to do if not for LAW. ********

What? sit on porches and drink mint juleps with white folk? What are some of the things we are able to do that actually ends or reverses the oppressive agenda?

*******Yes in the system it does not mean much, but for ones trying to survive in the system – it means EVERYTHING.*********

absolutely. the key is to have you in a position of dependency/complicity with water hoses and extinguishers ready to defend babylon when they come to bun fiyah.

The controllers of the new age realize that their agenda can be advanced more effectively by opening doors and extending privileges and accolades rather than putting ones down.

Its about extending invitations to anyone who asks because by asking you most likely are with the program.

Its just another form of slavery with the slavemaster being your own egotistical pursuit in the capitalist jungle. Its another way of alienating those who stand in resistance to the system.

Soon, you will be criminalized for speaking out against the system. And the atomic bomb is the reality that you cannot call american endeavors racist any more.

You believe obama is the ruler and owner because you have accepted rightful ruler and owner doctrine. Anything america does has the face of a black man behind it.

What white/male supremacy?

The secretary of state is a woman for pete's sake.

We won? right? We have overcome. We have a black man and a white woman in the highest political positions. We have defeated the white man, right?

Funny, how come we are still doing his bidding?

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