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Re: identity / re-turn

ThreeSixty wrote:

---- "greetings.

more power to you. if you are a Jew, cool. my point was just about why there is so much drama surrounding that identity the world over. it's ridiculous IMO when there are so many diverse human experiences. everyone trying to fit their identity into it rather than just being themselves and celebrating their own roots." ----

I'm not Jewish, I'm a "Messianic Gentile" (to use a label); but you're right: we should be happy with the place we're given. Some believers have distorted views on this theme, taking being Jewish (or whatsoever) as -let say- "more worthy" or something like that. A pious Jew wouldn't think like that of him-/herself neither (not saying you think so). The identity of one's Jewishness I believe cannot be defined by the standards of this world (alone). However, aren't everyone's (spiritual) roots to be found in Heaven?

As Messianic I believe one becomes a "new creation" in Messiah in whom Jew and Gentile are one. Things we are to overstand at its essential level. The Biblical message is speaking in "core-language" so to speak; announcements that are teaching us how things ARE. In a Divine structure and pattern in which we can find relations/proportions of life past, present and future in it's essence, comprised, in words of the temporal. But I believe we shouldn't read Scripture literally and draw linear, causal lines between Scripture and our (personal) life, etc. That said, there are connections between the Biblical and temporal, it has its own dynamic reality. The "drama" you speak of I believe is because of these Scriptural, spiritual announcements and its core-structure and pattern. It's because HaShem has appointed Eretz Yisrael, with Yerushalayim as its center and Jews a specific "role" in it. Although everything and everyone has its own specific "role". The world, and each one living on it, is going through a growing proces that is part in this dynamic unfolding. Enlightenment cannot be forced. Love cannot be forced.

Speaking about identity I think of the identity called "Hebrew"; which is "Ivri" in Hebrew. Meaning "from the other side". That is its identity: from the other side; from "heaven"; from HaShem (G'd) and His[*] standards which are not of this world. We can find this Ivri within ourselves. Just like we can find the "Roman" within us as well. You see, when one keeps Shabbat it's about acknowledging that Creation is completed and need no further development. Alike fasting, and the unleavend bread are expressions of (the will to) return. Therefore we say "repatriation", "exodus". The Way of return (that I believe is universal and can be found in many traditions, as its buried within man and thus can be traced back in his/her expressions) is specifically and most brightly revealed in the Book of Exodus (Shemot).

In peace,

[* the use of "His" is terminology, a reference to "Father"; ABA; composed of aleph-beyt-aleph; 1-2-1; the core-pattern of the Way of Creation. HaShem G'd goes with us as "Father" the Way of creation from Oneness(1) towards two-ness(2; this present world) back towards Oneness(1). HaShem speaks and it is; no reference to "time" and "development" as in "pregnancy", related to "Mother", etc. G'd is Spirit and has no gender or physical/body.]

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