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Re: Baba Marcus
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Greetings and much love with many rivers of forgiveness to our entire African collective family. I remenber when Ras Nathaniel make his big mistake, of accusing organizations and people, without any foundational proof or evidence, there were about 163 or there about, post and responses on the subject. Now that Ras Nathaniel was convinced that he was mistaken, and have made an international apology, what is preventing those whom he prosecuted falsely, from responding live and direct to his apology, and let it be known, internationally, whether Ras Nathaniel is forgiven or not forgiven. We are talking about forgiveness and reconciliation, for the great purpose of unity and Liberation of African people.

I have been watching this International forum of reasoning, to see if those organizations, and individuals who were accused, would at least let this international African audience know, what is their true position with Ras Nathaniel, since he have released his apology internationally.
How much longer must this international audience wait, to discover whether true reconciliation have taken place or not. So who is going to be found worthy to open this great book of forgiveness and to loose the Seals thereof?
How much longer shall our people wait?

Here is a lesson of forgiveness which is written in the King James version of the bible.

About nine or more people, brought a woman to Iyesus and said unto him, Great Master, we have caught this woman in the very act of adultery, and according to the Laws of Moses she must be stone to death.

Iyesus was sitting on a stone and was in great moods of thinking, so he looked down on the ground and then looked them in the face and said, if there is any one among you, who have never done wrong since you have been living upon this earth, then throw the first stone. Iyesus then hold down his head again to the ground and give them a chance to disappear in shame.
Then he hold up his head and look at the woman who now stood there alone. Then he said to her, woman, where are thine accusers, and she said great teacher, they are all gone, then he said to her go thy ways and sin no more, a very great example of goodness.

Another lesson of forgiveness, Saul was hunting for David to have him killed, and Saul happened to come into a cave, where David was hiding, and came so close to David, without realizing that David was there in that same cave, and David was able to cut off a peice of Saul's garment without Saul even realizing it, and when Saul left the cave and was some distant away down into the valley, David shouted to him and show the piece of his garment which he had cut off, which explained that David could have killed him in that cave, while he was hunting for David to kill him. Another great lesson in forgiveness.

We can use this situation with Ras Nathaniel to build bridges of trust, bridges of community corrections, bridges of true forgiveness and reconciliation, and move forward together using the abilities of all of us together, instead of using our abilities to break ourselves and our communities apart.


I wish you all the best of everything but there is just too much stagnancy as it relates to this very important matter, which can be used as a precedent for reconciliation among our people from time to time. Forgiveness is not a stagnant pool of water, forgiveness is a very peaceful flowing river which keep on flowing as we live from day to day.

I am loking forward to see, who will open this sacred book of forgiveness and loose the Seals thereof.
Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination flowing with forgiveness and reconciliation.
Baba Ras Marcus.

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