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Ras Nathaniel re:Shashemane Controversies

t: About Shashemane Controversies
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 18:56:36 +0000

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Jubilee Greetings and Blessings to the Rastafari Family Worldwide 1,248
before the Ethiopian Millenium (September 11, 2007).

I am emerging from deep Iditation as a result of a council session on
9, 2004, initiated by Ras Wayne and attended by Elder Ras Marcus along
other Rasses previously known to I and whose counsel I have trusted and
benefited from.

The purpose of the council session was

1) to reconcile issues outstanding from an email I posted to the
Speaks message board in August 2003 entitled “Check Out the Real
Rasta in Ethiopia”; and
2) to thereby bring a healing within the Rastafari Family Worldwide.

I have accepted the following:

1) That there is not enough evidence to prove that the JRDC and its
Desmond Martin mis-appropriated CIDA funds ($50,000) or has paid any
(bribes) to Ethiopian officials.
2) That in the process of dealing with the controversies surrounding
Eldership of Congo Rocky and Administration of the Nyahbinghi Order in
Shashemane, several people are hurt that the legacy of Elder Congo
Rocky may
be unfairly defined by these limited controversies that I made public;
3) That I have not met the highest standards of objective reporting.
4) That there is widespread damage done to the Rastafari Family
Worldwide as
a result of #1, #2 and #3 above.
5) That it is necessary to resolve these matters if the positive works
I am doing are to be given their full, due attention.

It is my wholehearted desire that during this very serious time of
emergency (911) that I&I are able to collectively work together and
Repatriation, collectively inherit I&I Ivine heritage as Ithiopians.
Therefore, I humbly and wholeheartedly ask forgiveness from the
Family Worldwide for the damage and hurt that I caused.

That greater good may come of this, I offer to help a more qualified
journalist selected by the Rastafari Family Worldwide and approved by
Frontline Distribution (publishers of Rastafari Speaks newspaper) to
licensed with the Ethiopian Ministry of Information so that the
Family Worldwide can benefit by having a Secretary/Reporter stationed
at the
Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)/United Nations Media Center and
able to
report on various meetings of the African Union, ECA and UN meetings
pertaining to Africa and Africa’s development.

To seal up, I wish to say that Jubilee Consciousness during the
Commemoration of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I First Visit to
United States demands that every and all good faith efforts to
past differences and disputes among I&I must be made. Jubilee Grace is
non-partial. Jubilees are special times when sins and debts are
rest, grace and mercy from HIM is abundant. I&I must offer on the
Alter real offerings of reconciliation as I&I Father freely gives to
I&I simply must reconcile and Inite if I&I are going to escape the Rev
plagues in Babylon, having “come out of her.”

Most Heartically and Raspectfully,
Ras Nathaniel

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