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Re: Ras Nathaniel re:Shashemane Controversies

Greetings to my people with many rivers of reconciliation. These few lines are to confirm that on Friday night the 9th of April, there was an African Village Assemble in Baltimore Maryland, and that at that Village Assemble, Rastafari People from Washington DC, and from Baltimore, were able to resolve issues and restore unity in our Comm-Unity.

Ras Nathaniel flew from Chicago for this assemble in order to Iyespress his regret, for the mistake which he made some time last year, on this internet. The meeting started about 10pm and continued into the wee hours of the mornimg, and ended about 2.30 am.

We were able to embrace Iyavine reasoning, flowing with much HUMBLE STANDING, and as a result, the assemble was flowing with forgiveness and reconciliation. Ras Nathaniel became a greater person as he accepted his mistake, and choose unity among us as a greater choice.

It is now our responsibility to forgive Ras Nathaniel internationally speaking, so that we can move ahead with our liberation works, in true unity as we live from day to day. As far as I am aware, there is no person upon the face of this earth, who have not made a mistake, therefore we must forgive, so that there will be space for each of us to be forgiven, when ever we make our own mistakes.

It is therefore of vital importance, that we post our acknowledgements of forgiveness, for brother Ras Nathaniel, in the same manner as when he made is mistake, and was being rebuked by us all. As far as I know, it is a very great person who can say, I have made a mistake please forgive me. At the very moment that any person acknowledge his or her mistake, that person becomes a greater person instantly. So let us nourish Ras Nathaniel with our forgiveness, so that we can restore the unity which was interuppted, in Etiopia and all over the world where our unity was affected.

Not long from now, we will be making a Iyavine effort,to speak with Iyoungo Iyocky and others in Ethiopia, with Ras Nathaniel on the phone so that we can accomplish our healing with dignity and Iyavine Iyategrity. We were also able to collect some money at that assemble, which will be sent to Iyoungo Iyocky very soon.

As a Senior Elder in my Village, I shall be watching this internet, to see the many rivers of forgiveness which our people will send to Ras Nathaniel. I must move along now, but I will be willing to revisit this post if I find it needed.
Again I send many oceans of blessings with mountains of forgiveness.
Baba Ras Marcus

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Re: Ras Nathaniel re:Shashemane Controversies
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give thanks Ras Adam *NM*
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Re: Ras Nathaniel re:Shashemane Controversies
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Re: Ras Nathaniel re:Shashemane Controversies
Re: Ras Nathaniel re:Shashemane Controversies

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