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Re: Baba Marcus
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Greetings and much blessings to our African collective Liberation movemants. Brother Karl and Brother Roy, I do send you all peace of mind in showers. It is of vital importance for us all as a people, to always work to remove disunity, and put genuine UNITY where ever disunity existed in the past.
So now that our brother Ras Nathaniel, was able to acquire enough HUMBLE-STANDING, to be able to apologise for his grievious mistake which he made, then we all have the Iyavine responsibilty, to accept is apology, so that the healing can spread internationally among our people, considering that we have a lot of work to be done. It is therefore of vital importance that the those people who and organizations, who were affected by Ras Nathaniel mistakes, post some information, to make it clear, whether his apology was accepted or not so that we can continue to climb this great mountain of unity, which is so important to our social and cultural advancement as a people.

So I am looking forward to some more positive and genuine responses of forgiveness, as the days go by. We must learn to forgive so that we can also be forgiven, as we live from day to day.
Again I send many oceans of blessings and many rivers of tolerance.
Baba Ras Marcus with some Liberation Feelings.

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