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Stand firm and face them Ras Tafari Children
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Greetings Idrens and Sithrens

Haile I Selassie I

No matter what the heathens do or say, I and I know Haile I Selassie I the First, Imperial Emperor of Ethiopia, The Conquering lion of Judah, The King of all Kings, The Wonderful Councilor, The Prince of Peace, light of this world, The Aba Jahnoy, Father of Africa, Most mystic one of Iration,King Alpha with His Iteful Queen Omega of Zion.The One who holds the Rod of Iron(Royal Sceptor) Liveth ininually.

Any man could of say HIM dead and I and I know He live itinually, even whithin I and I hearts that love HIM. NO so??

Read the Scriptures good and then tell I who on this earth right now can walk in His footstep to fulfill the Prophecy which said,that the Conquering Lion of Judah shall break every chain and give I and I His children(Ras Tafari) who love HIM so much, the victory( over unno heathens and babywronians) again and again.All who a fight Him a who I a speak bout ya.

Ethiopia shall strech forth her hands unto HIM.

And many are called and a few are Choosen. Haile Selassie I is the choosen one of Himself to represent I and I in the flesh now from these dreadful iver when ones a wish they go dead and cannot die until they know Who this Man is.

Jah got a New Name and it is terible among nuff nuff men(Babywronians) and these heathen people no like Jah name, For when I and I call HIM Ras Tafari, meaning Head prince, look at how all them weak hearts a tremble to hear this Holy Name.

Stop telling unno lies on the Emperor and look into unno selves and see that this is a Prophecy showing I and I Ras Tafari Children to no worry I and I hearts and souls, for He came unto to His own and His own receive HIM not just like it happen two thousand year ago in the first dispensation of His Christ Trod.

So I and I who receive HIM now in this dispensation are called Ethiopians, and are willing to show that this is the Land of I and I Heritage. the Land of I and I Ancestors with I and I dear Emperor to Sheild I and I from all Babywrong shitstem.

So keep up the fight heathens,and dont read up and see what Psalm 24 said, that Who is the King of Host?? Who is this Mystic King. The lord Jah Rastafari mighty in Battle. I say Battle yes. That is why people even like De Oromos a worry always, because He was mighty in His Battle against them same,when they joined with Lij Ayasu to try to sell out Ethiopia to the Arab League(Muslims), and also became Eritrean seccessionist, and Landlock Ethiopia to finally play judases and sold out the Ancient Empire to the Trespassers, saying they Kill the King.

And so now they are all treasonist trying to come mess with I and I the Ras Tafari children especially in the Diaspora after I and I people done went through more than 500 years of that JEEEEESome B-(Bondage) S teachings of the Babywronians.

Give I and I the teachings of His Imperial Majesty for I and I nor want no Devils phylosophy.
If I and I get up and quarell every day I and I still saying praises to the Appolyon I say, why not help one another on the way and make life much easier.

All this fussing and fighting about who Emperor Haile I Selassie Is nor bring I and I no progress as the sufferers. So now many of I and I people will go more into Bondage and neo- colonial slavery. Ras Tafari is the fairest of all the Thousands, He is the bright morning star. He is the all foundation.

Mental Slavery is worse than Physical slavery sometime, because at least nuff a De man Dem with the Shackles around their hands and feet still knew who they were, and now that many are so- called free, they do not know who they are.What a shame ire

So forgive them Jah Roots Children, for they know not who they are fighting. Ras Tafari liveth intiually.

Who could ever kill I an I Orthodox King?? Where is the marked grave of the Majesty of Ethiopia?? Where is His Sceptre?? and how could one Man dead three times to go a funeral so many days?? A three ivers dem say dem was burying the Bones. Big Bone Lies dat dey ire.

Haile I Selassie I live. Adonai I,Tetragrammaton, El Aba I,Niyabinghi I. Jah Ras Tafari and I and I and I the Children of the Most High.

BIGG UP Selassie I Children. BIGGG UPP The New Name Ras Tafari.

All have come short of His glory, not one is righteous, no not one.

My Question still remain.

When is Africa people going to put away their petty tribal differences and inite to save I and I Africa Collective Security?? Stop dissing the Mystic One ire.

Niyabinghi I

How can a one Kill the King of all Kings??

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Stand firm and face them Ras Tafari Children
My post is not against any of the present posters
More Love sis Irijah ... BLESSED *NM*

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