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Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:

I have seen many ones sight up Rastafari in different ways, but never have I really seen one take on the title as a "Rasta" and not sight His Majesty at all. If one's enjoy the vibes of Rastafari, have locks, like the colors, yet still do not feel His Majesty, usually they utter that they are not Rasta due of that. So this post is interesting to me and I think InI should reason on this topic/post as the author states "For us Rastas" ... I say "For YOU".
Hail RasTafarI Menen I

Rasta, Rastafari, Ras Tafari?
on: Sep 16th, 2003, 9:38am Quote

In this Community here we use the term Rasta to describe one with wisdom or seeker of wisdom derived from knowledge of one's self, rooted in all humanity and that is linked to the cosmos.

Rastafari, Rastafarians, Ras Tafari persons, synonymously those whose theology is rooted in Judeo-Christian scriptures, describe a category of individuals who claim exclusive possession of god. Some see the connectedness to Africa with Emperor Haile Selaisse I as deity.

Aside from these simple explanations, intuitive Rastas are unable to take seriously the idea of an anthropological God embodied in an apocalyptic Messiah. By intuitive Rastas I mean individuals with ANALYTICAL thinking embodied in the Laws of the Universe. As Rastas, our reverential, caring and celebratory approach to JAH focuses on Nature rather than on the apocalyptic God.

For us Rastas, JAH is Nature, Nature is sacred, JAH is the essence in the cosmos!


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Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:
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Stand firm and face them Ras Tafari Children
My post is not against any of the present posters
More Love sis Irijah ... BLESSED *NM*

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