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Re: Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:

Hail brethrens and sistrens, i want 2 know who r the people that r more likely 2 heights up Rastafari? 2 ini rastafari is a conciousness,first a black conciousness, a people waking up, struggling for their rights a people wanting 2 be aware of their heritage, ones wanting 2 be reconnected 2 the source of life , a natural life , living in harmony with all, His Imperial Majesty was a standard a power of a ancestry long lost, a symbol for black people all over the world, believe it or not black men and women were actually Kings and Queens, now that is what we needed 2 hear and see in those oppressive times.

Never forget our true purpose we are REBELS against the corrupt system it is imbedded in our hearts mindz and our very Nature thats y we here r Ras, not because we looking for some god 2 worship what would be the difference between us and the other unenlightened souls out there, we r about reasonin and the truth simpy put, and betterment, they have alwayz been religions and gods, and what has the worshipping of them brought us? nothin but divide and war, this god seh this, this god seh that, pure confusion and a waste of precious time, we r about the upliftment of humanity and life , we are about keeping the balance!!.

1 blessed love for iternity

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Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:
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Re: Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:
Re: Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:
Re: Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:
Stand firm and face them Ras Tafari Children
My post is not against any of the present posters
More Love sis Irijah ... BLESSED *NM*

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