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Re: Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:


I posted this in response to that post:

'I sight up Haile Selassie as a symbol of the ancient principle of God in man, not as an idol to be worshipped, but rather as a reminder of I and I. The name means Power of the Trinity or might of the 3. If ones have studied the meanings of numbers and geometry, the name Haile Selassie is indeed an accurate expression of one of the fundamental observable laws of creation, being the unity following the division. 1 = fundamental, 2 = division, 3 = the union once again after division.

Emporor Haile Selassie and Empress Menen are also viewed as the feminine and masculine principles in creation, co-creators.

Humans have always expressed in symbols, finite to express the infinite.

I do indeed see many caught up in wastes of energy debating theories and speculation pertaining to the bible and the divinity of Haile Selassie and also as an excuse for continued ignorance.'

. . .

'I think debating biblical validity for something in the heart and apparent in nature and the cycles of the heavens is absolutely silly and a waste of energy. I know Rasta is not Haile Selassie, Haile Selassie is a symbol of Rasta. Ethiopia is the place of the birth of mankind, Selassie is a symbol of Ethiopia(which I know is not the only area once considered greater Ethiopia). Ethiopia and the areas to the south where the Nile flowed from are the homelands of the culture which flourished and evolved in Khemet. Jesus Christ is a version of Horus, the Virgin Mary a symbol of Isis impregnated by God/Osiris to bring forth the Son. Nothing new under the SUN. The Pharoah represented the God-King, the same way I see Haile Selassie as a SYMBOL. I know Rasta is spoken of as a place in the Book of Coming Forth by Day. Rasta is a place known tens of thousands of years ago.

Indeed, as Bantu-Kelani states:

"The Universe is DYNAMIC, always in constant flux...yet we humans wish to not go along with the rest of the Universe! Self examination can only be a benefit. Indeed, all social problems are direct result of people not knowing the content of their OWN minds "

Well said!!!!


"those who get lost in symbols and do not pierce the veil to get the meaning of the symbol have not pierced ignorance and are still living in ignorance and have really deluded themselves" '

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Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:
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Re: Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:
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Re: Come Let InI RASTAFARI reason on this:
Stand firm and face them Ras Tafari Children
My post is not against any of the present posters
More Love sis Irijah ... BLESSED *NM*

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