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Re: No Colorless Rasta Movement

"I respect the density of Ayinde's thinking.
I choose "dense" because of the potential to be misoverstood."


Here-in lies the ability to think beyond and a maturity to listen to the voice for Reason. It is easy to run away with a kneejerk reaction and "mistoverstand" without stopping to pause for just one minute and reflect upon such "density" of thought, and therefore, to think outside the box and come to possibly a higher revelation about many things beyond the norm.

The conditioning of the human mind is entrenched deeply into the psyches of our brains to such a degree that often times we are blinded to the motivations of our very own behaviors and attitudes and miss the forest for the trees.

A huge factor in getting beyond this mental conditioning is honesty, and a willingness to look at oneself objectively rather than subjectively. Superficial integrity simply won't cut it, as false foundations never serve as a proper means to build something solid from.

This is a task that many are unable to do for the simple fact that ego is alive and well and will do anything to save its own face. Yes..humbleness..in the truest meaning of the word allows for all things realized to fertilize, grow, and make manifest the truth...another key word is "willingness."

If one is willing therefore, to set aside their "own agenda" and be receptive to Higher Help..then much can be revealed to a vessel that remains open, and truly comes to serve and live for best interests of humanity. Many are unable to see where their best Help comes from even when it stares them right in their face.

It is easy to get trapped in the makings of our own mind and fight to defend its own version of truth to the tenth degree...missing out on the REAL nugget that serves to bring our souls to the next level of our Higher selves from within. When we deny these Essential truths (because they require real honesty and real integrity to LOOK and SEE truthfuly inside for what they really are) we then only deny these Higher aspects within ourselves and sink lower into the depths of our own human ignorance.

The racial issue is the root of many a problem in this world today, and requires nothing less than absolute honesty and integrity to share and bring forth from one's own direct experiences to properly address the many difficult issues from all sides of the racial spectrum from White to Black and everything in between. Those who wish to battle for glory instead, will be left here on earth to do just that, and miss the opportunity to work from Heaven and from the correct spirit to bring about advanced change to help further the thinking of the collective Mind.

Ayinde speaks TRUTH and my ears are wide open to LISTEN. You are right to say that there is a potential to be "misoverstood"..because He challenges any and ALL who are willing to listen and think beyond their own mental conditioning. Here again, if one is willing, the many layers of dellusional thoughts can begin to peel away the layer pon layer that stand in the way of recieving such higher truths. One must be always willing to contrast what they think they know in order to expand and grow from what they choose to hear. I have yet to hear anything from Ayinde that has not struck the deep chords of inna resonance.

Liberation from the shackles of the mind are for real, and true freedom awaits those who hear the voice for Reason and ACT to move towards it. Of course one must choose what, and who, they wish to listen to..eh? The real divine Essence of Truth will never leave thee nor forsake thee...but on the contrary.. will show and guide thee every step of the way.

As a White woman on a Black forum I have LEARNED that it is important to know who I am, and speak honestly from where I come from in spite of everything that comes along with being White. And that is the point...as from that place alone brings a legitamacy even amongst strong Africans who voice their views against Whites and the White mentality system. Yet we can still agree, and even disagree on many things..as Integrity and Conduct come FIRST and open the door for much higher reasoning. None of us can DENY our ethnicity but rather learn from what that means within the greater context of humanity and to act with responsibility from what one experiances and knows. The past can help to lay a better foundation for the future if we can apply the lessons born out of ignorance and choose better.. But that can only happen if we are each willing to look at our own respective "stuff" FIRST. If we can acknowledge and validate ALL the diverse experiances of racism from the darkest Black to the lightest White...and then challenge each our own perspectives as to how it all affects one another from within the context of our own racial biases, conditioning, and even our own attitudes.
Then truly we can be effective instruments for change...as change begins first from within and ripples out like a dropped pebble in a mirrored lake. Tough stuff to look at and be honest with.. but absolutely necessary for real growth.

When we acknowledge ALL of who we are (not just bits and pieces) we can then recognize the greater context, the bigger picture, and DO the BEST we can within the scope of all these difficult issues by simply not being a mere echo of what we WANT to be...but come authenticaly from the magnitude of WHO WE ARE!

Over the course of history the scales have been grossely tipped to benefit one side. Within the natural order of things all forms of racism must be acknowledged in order to be seen and dealt with effectively to restore balance..many layers to peel through. To those who feel it the most I can only speak from where I come from...but am willing to listen and learn from the voices that speak from experiance. I come with RESPECT and conscious awareness and am willing to check fallacies against higher reasonings and solid truth. THIS is a true measuring stick to learn and grow from all things.

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