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much love and raspect tyehimba

"The point is this (as reasoned by an informed dark skinned woman), if you were walking in the forest and u hold on to a bamboo, and it cuts you and pains, that is a totally different experience from if i tell you, in the forest there is a bamboo that can cut you. "

so true but da i cyan sit behind your monitor and say only dark skin blacks are in the woods when iman walk with ones of all complexions. and even still iya you neva told da i where you and i fit in in this debate because like i said i&i the same tint.

"There is absolutely no doubt that light skinned blacks have made invaluable contributions towards the overturning of the White Supremacist sytem (and continue to do so) but that doesn't negate the fact that dark skinned Blacks are GENERALLY(my emphasis) more adversely affected and as a result must be given priority in the balancing of the scales. "

if you say generally which is more acceptable than all you nah see that your whole reasoning can only be summed up with lynchism.

"These informed (if they choose) voices which has been suppressed brutally, are the ones less seen by and less heard on mainstream media. That is clearly seen even on this forum. "
rastaman dont look to mainstream media for nothing unless mainstream entertainment. yes da i is absolutely right about this forum.

haile selassie da first

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