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Greetings Ras
"There is absolutely no doubt that light skinned blacks have made invaluable contributions towards the overturning of the White Supremacist sytem (and continue to do so) but that doesn't negate the fact that dark skinned Blacks are generally more adversely affected and as a result must be given priority in the balancing of the scales."

This is one of the points that Iman have been trying to make. If there are light skinned Idren who are putting in work to trample Babylon, how can there be a blanket statement about them not being capable of true leadership in a Black movement? I am sure that they are not fighting the beast alone. Evidently someone is in their corner with the same agenda. Therefore that person is a leader in that particular struggle. I dont overstand how ones cant see how these generalizations are wrong. As far a priority is concerned, InI cant choose a coal black person solely on his color. If InI choose a coal black fool, the color balance may be met but the balance of righteousness and works will not.

It seems like some kind of affirmative action amongst black people.

The greatest leader or Iration is a "light skinned" Afrikan. Would ones tell Haile Selassie I that He is incapable of leading?

Give thanks

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