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I set out to address...
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As I have always stated, I represent my self on all these issues and I am not vying for leadership anywhere as I lead myself quite comfortably.


I set out to address Racism, White Superiority and Gender discrimination which are major issues affecting Africans in and out this Movement.

People of all races can research and learn about the sufferings of others and of course many can recall their own personal sufferings and get some understanding of others. But only Black people have experienced the worst sufferings as blacks under the Racist system. If we are speaking about the people with the most experiences of both institutionalized racism and gender prejudices in this White world system then the people are obviously dark-skinned Black Women.

If such people were armed with the historical information then they would have both the information and the direct experiences to speak on all these issues.

Now tell me, can a White/light-skinned person or any light-skinned mixed race person ever directly experience the same ongoing lifelong racial and gender abuses as a dark-skinned Black person? No, they cannot. They can talk about their experiences as Whites or Light skinned mixed and in some cases they get abused badly. However, they cannot experience what it is to be a dark-skinned Black person in the system, growing up being told they were worthless and ugly, then having teachers disregard them etc. They cannot experience what it is to watch television and all the images are nothing like them. They cannot experience these things and much more. What I am saying is they will lack the deeper direct experiences that reaches to the soul.

So on the basis of Merit in a Black Earth Movement that is supposed to address these issues, we should all be looking at helping the worst victims get better informed and then helping them to come forward and advance the cause (once they are interested) as they are suitably qualified, armed with both the experiences and information which is widely accessible today.


I think Kelani made this point very well

White supremacy in Black movements. Reply to Roots
Posted By: Bantu-Kelani
Date: Saturday, 23 August 2003, at 3:50 p.m.

We the dark skinned Negroid people feel that the disadvantage of our domination and exploitation by the lighter skinned people of this world should cease to be perpetuated! No one is "expressly" saying that the lightest elements of the "Black" Race should not be part of the scheme or plan to save Blacks worldwide from the European, Arab or Asian domination. Informed and concerned Negroid Afrikans are just rightfully and PROPRELY emphasizing the Fact that THERE IS ALSO AN INTERNAL AND SILENT CONFLICT BEING WAGED FOR THE ULTIMATE EXTERMINATION OF THE REAL DARKER NEGROID PEOPLE. In countries where dark skinned Negroid Blacks outnumber whites, Asians or Arabs, the MAJORITY of the lightest mulattos subsequently and skillfully use the numerical potency of darker black men and women for their own social and economical advantages. Most of the time these turncoats are as dishonest and prejudicial as the European, Arab and Asian oppressors. SUCH IS A GREAT PROBLEM that the enlightened and self-respecting Negroid Afrikans seek to solve to save the Black Race...also form itself.

The pale faces as near whites can think about Racial Oppression but that doesn't mean by any means that they are really experiencing Racial Oppression. They experience it INDIRECTLY by relatives and friends as Rootswoman frankly testified, but they do not experience it DIRECTLY like we the dark skinned Negro men and women do. We do not need to think about it, we are BEING oppressed period! The near as whites of this world are separated form Racial Oppression, yet they expect we the dark skinned Negroid people to exhibit an overabundance of consideration and obedience to them. Too many times they continue to consider themselves as BETTER caste, on the basis of color result from The Willy Lynch Mis-Education. Even committed pale faces "Black" warriors exhibit at times a palpable superiority complex. (Not that I'm pointing the finger at you Rootswoman, but you know this Truth very well….) Dark Negroid men and women deal DIRECTELY with the Hostility of Exploitation. ONLY THE DARK SKINNED NEGROID MEN AND WOMEN AND BROWN SKINNED MULLATOS WHO ARE DEEPLY AND SINCERELY HATED AND KEPT DOWN BY A JALOUS AND PREJUDICED WORLD UNDERSTAND AND FULLY REALIZE THIS GREAT INTERNAL AND SILENT CONFLIT. The very lightest, men and women of our race, as well as men and women of other races should believe in the rightful demands of dark Negroid people for a social and political leadership of our own to the extent that it will finally promote our own ideals, improvement and Civilization. Are such demands so offensive? I believe not! We the educated and self-loving darker Negroid men and women will not yield our sovereignty to those who do not understand or experience our oppression. As the History of this world demonstrated, lighter skinned leadership usually benefits lighter skinned own privileged caste! Consequently the self-respecting dark skinned Negroid men and women demand Purity and Integrity within the Black Race, as we cannot pass of as whites AND WE WILL NOT!!



But it is interesting to see all these reactions to what should be quite obvious on the basis of suitability/Meritocracy. Meritocracy dictates that one who is most qualified should be give a position and I set out to show that the person who has the (((most direct experiences and is well informed))) is the most suitable person.

Now fair skinned people do have their troubles like everyone else but if we are dealing with the issues that I outline then the emphasis should be on helping and informing the people most affected and moving them to positions of authority as they would have both the direct experiences and information to work with. Now I have done this in many areas and have proven that this works.

It is the same way I would prefer to get an informed white person to speak on the many levels of White privileges from the perspective of one directly being there, as that person would have direct experiences from a White privilege perspective. A dark-skinned Black person cannot have such a perspective. They just cannot, no exceptions.

The best writers (I HAVE FOUND) on White Privileges on the Internet are White people.

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