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Re: welcome back, but
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Peace Isciple

I intentionally will answer a few of what you stated and left out some other of what u stated, cuz i want to stay on the feminie understandings. Trust me, i understand EVERYTHING you are saying, but sometimes, he who feels the divine, knows the divine, rather than just words itself; so i'll agree that the knowledge as well as the feeling must go hand in hand. Now, lets proceed with this what u said:

"I am not saying YOU personally, but I am speaking on the religion that you came in and defended."

The religion i came in and defended was the ANCIENT islam that i came into the understanding of, not the Arabinization form, as i always say. I am NOT defending the spook-isms and feminie butchered Al-islam at all, but i am defending the Moslems who you can find today that will object to the full characterization.

"Why is it hard for us to entertain the possibility that even the most ancient holy writs, which come from 'civilized' man could be biased in favor of those who sanctioned the writings to keep them empowered...we are talking about an empire. An empire must extract MORE from the masses than it gives. So it is not like we are talking about a righteous/Ma'atic/liberated society anyway, are we?"

Give an example if you can isciple for more insight please.

"The way to ascertain the truth from writs is to compare them to Nature, sub-atomically, terrestrially and cosmically."

Yup, and this is what the big 3 (religion of the masses or the exoteric) fail to do, even tho you do have those who would show certain proof of scientifically things in the bible as well as qu'ran, they still hold on to some other spookisms.

"So knowing FULL well that YOU acknowledge the essence of femininity and its vital importance, why are you not a bit curious as to WHY this aspect of reality is not given at its least equal mention (its throne) as masculinity?"

I think we both know why isciple.

"By overstanding "as above, so below", all I have to do is look at the people/culture (below) to sight how they regard divinity (above)."

Your ab-solutely right.....

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