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Re: welcome back, but
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Nile child:

"So you mean to tell me it comes down to more justified chosenist/exclusive members-only esotericism? just like the knights templars...just like the freemasons...just like the jesuits...just like the kabbalists???"

its a SCHOOL.....where did these "orders" that you just named get their understanding from again?

"You have to qualify to know/speak this sanctified name of OUR Creator?"

Brother, it is a truth that one shouldnt cast their pearls among swine. Do you know the Auset story and how she got to know Ra's name? Out of respect isciple, im going to say this but i wont go further with it; in MY knowledge of things, that which is OMNI-POTENT cannot be limited with names, but one that walked the earth, the supreme being does. Whatever you know this creator by, it should work for you. Im just following the foot-steps of what was taken from me, thats all. PLease dont blame me for that lol.

"How much do you want to bet that it IS NOT feminine, whatever that name is?"

And on WHAT BASIS can you prove such an invalid statement isciple? God is God, you cant change that, whatever the name be.......

"How long has "in this time" been now?"

As long as i am following my forefathers divine creed & principles, it is an UN-DYING LINK, and CANNOT pass away.....

"And if one does not INVOCATE from their sacred lips an acknowledgment of the feminine divine how can you say concretely that there is balance?"

You cannot change the makeup of the divine REGARDLESS of what you call it! My name is Mikael (something something lol), most of the times a males name; examine what i am made out of and tell me what it is....male...female...or both?

"Are we not still of the overstanding that WORDS ARE POWER? How can we empower something that is not even spoken?"

Absolutely king! word-sound-power is a truth indeed, and what u say really has merit. HOWEVER, i ask you, how can we apply a name to something that is limitless? How can i empower it when it always was and will be?

"Noble Ras Heru, it is not about "converting" me in the context that you used in another post. It is about me SERIOUSLY trying to understand the heart of this difference between xtianity and hebrewism that you alluded to."

Trust me isciple, i see your sincerity, and what i have told you is all i could conjur up at the moment. Respect:)

"For so many years I have learned much from you. So please do not go defensive on me but rather go informative on me."

Oh, im sorry if i did sound defensive bro, this is really the computer and sometimes limits our emotions through typing (a lil agression did come in tho, but nuttin serious cuz im reallythe opposite most of the time) If i was in your face, you wouldve seen a smile, but truth is truth and that cannot have emotions clinged to it. I consider you a twin in some ways, really (dont get hype tho, this aint no gushy moment lmao!)

-I leave as i peace


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