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Re: welcome back, but
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(((((An empire must extract MORE from the masses than it gives. So it is not like we are talking about a righteous/Ma'atic/liberated society anyway, are we?")))

*******Give an example if you can isciple for more insight please.*******


An empire is an organization that is pyramidial in structure. It takes more (masses) on the bottom levels to support less on the top until the peak/pinnacle (emperor) is reached.

Each level serves to support the higher level but the lower levels do not receive a "return of their investment". Why, because their needs are sacrificed or overlooked or devalued for the pedestaled. This means the the lower cogs are the "have lessors" and the top tier has the majority.

This is not Ma'atic because there is no hierarchy in Nature. NOT ONE THING RULES/REIGNS SUPERIOR over everything else. We have the power of quantity but we do not have top/down importance.

The power of Ma'at is the combined sum of EVERYTHING. So you will not have a head that has more power than a foot. You have a head that tells the foot to run from that lion and you have a foot that the head needs to get its behind out of there.


That is why empires rise and empires fall, yet indigenous peoples living in harmony remain doing so for eons except for the tamperings and poisonings from hierarchy-oriented power mongers. Ma'at equalizes. Ma'at pulls down pinnacles and lifts up depressions.

Social/political Religions and Empires are hand in hand and that is because, as I say over and over, we all overstand "as above so below". In order to get us to buy into a guy telling us that he is sanctioned to be authoritative, we have to be indoctrinated with the notion of a heavenly guy in that same authoritative position. So you MUST eliminate the gal. We automatically associate female with feminine and male with masculine so any acknowledgment of females in the divinity head throws a wrench in the earthly agenda of conquering, ruling, controlling, dominating, which are universal masculine traits.

Its basically telling the Goddess to "walk a few paces behind the God" and "shut up woman".

The key is to give us a semi-truth (Semite) that eliminates the feminine completion (done on purpose). What actually happens is that the "Father" (above and below) serve as a surrogate mother.

But unfortunately, it is like a pacifier for a baby. We go through the sucking motion, we shut up our wailing but we receive no nourishment.

spiritual anorexia.

If you check history, there is always the same aspects involved.

MALE SUPREMACY resulting from MALE DIVINITY pedestaling.

ANY type of inferiority complex will result in a COMPENSATION initiative which results in a projection of superiority. That is also historically proven. This results from "womb envy". We realize that the female body holds the power of live. We then subconsciously have an outside/inferiority about procreation.

The POWER of semitic and white/male supremacy doctrine is that it actually aligns with our inner fears. Thus we become accomplices.

The Obama shituation is case and point. So many blacks are mesmorized (especially being in a downtrodden state) and look at Obama as an external representation of their own pinnacle-chasing...and the controllers know this about us so well that they stuck this guy on top of babylonic feces and ones are bowing and worshiping still.

They know that a fallen person will reach for any hand that appears to be helping it up. Again, I said this awhile ago but that is why the emancipated slaves and desegregated blacks...and today why they stuck a tanned image in our face. THEY NEED OUR ENERGIES ON BOARD and not dissonant and in resistance. You need UNANIMOUS SOLIDARITY to conquer the globe, especially the homeland/motherland. You need shining/smiling negros on CNN now that they got cable and internet everywhere.

Its a perpetual state of seeking imperial crowns ourselves that actually enslave us in imperial mindset folly.


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