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Ok never mind...

***Mr. Riyale invited the US Defense Department to establish African Command in Somaliland. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates welcomed the initiative and even advised the Bush Administration to recognize Somaliland in order to eliminate the Piracy and Al-Qaeda terror in the Horn of Africa. Mr. Congressman, as you know, Al-Qaeda is very active in Somalia and carries out Anti-USA armed operations in the region. It is very clear the terrorists planned to attack US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in Somalia, and even many Al-Qaeda Fugitives are hiding in Somalia.***

***Obama Administration should recognize democratic and independent Republic of Somaliland. Obama Administration should support USAID Projects in Somaliland, in order to support the healthy democracy. The Washington Administration should be aware that Somaliland will be very much useful in fighting terrorism and piracy, in addition to restoring law and order in Mogadishu, Somalia. US Government should use Somaliland as major hub to crackdown the pirates at the Gulf of Aden.***

I guess Somaliland is openly advertising it wants to be Amerikkka's newest 'whore in the horn'...

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Why not support the "pirates"?
Re: Why not support the "pirates"?
Re: Why not support the "pirates"?
Re: Why not support the "pirates"?
somali distraction from 'pirates' of "Wall Street" *NM*
Re: somali distraction from 'pirates' of "Wall Str *LINK*
Re: Why not support the "pirates"? *LINK*
Re: Why not support the "pirates"?
I personally have no problem with it... *LINK*
Re: I personally have no problem with it...
I concur
It was rhetorical of course... *NM*
Re: I personally have no problem with it... *LINK*
Good ol' U.S.A.I.D.S. eh...
Ok never mind...
Ancient Survivalist Tradition
Re: I personally have no problem with it...
Re: I personally have no problem with it... *LINK*
Somali Crisis links on Africa Speaks *NM* *LINK*
A nice little 'to the point' video... *NM* *LINK*
Re: A nice little 'to the point' video...

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