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Why not support the "pirates"?

I dont overstand why it is hard to see why some black people on this forum support what the Somalis have been doing.

Somalis are not killing folks on the water. The europeans use their propaganda machine to make it seem that way because they are upset that the Afrikans are messing with their money.

The european coorporations have been over fishing Somali waters for a long time as well as dumping toxic waste.

What do people expect the Somalis to do? They see boats roaring up and down their coast with goods and commodities while their families are starving.

What would anyone here do in that situation? Allow them to use and abuse your territory at the detriment of your people, or fight to stop it by any means necessary?

Do you stand up to the bully or do you run?

It might mean certain death for some.

I guess you would have to ask yourself if you were to die, if you would want a quick death through resistance or a slow death from starvation and dis-ease.

It is not like the U.S is not exploiting Afrika anyway. They have been doing so for a long time with no apology.

So the "need an excuse" to exploit Afrika arguement doesnt hold water for I.

Anyways, isnt piracy considered a crime and not a terrorist act? Therefore, can the terrorism card even be used?

I might also add that I can see how the Obama supporters here may feel beside themselves since Obama gave the order to kill.


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Why not support the "pirates"?
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I concur
It was rhetorical of course... *NM*
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Good ol' U.S.A.I.D.S. eh...
Ok never mind...
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Re: I personally have no problem with it...
Re: I personally have no problem with it... *LINK*
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