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Reply to Eja

First of all, below is a rewriting of the passage by Eja. I couldn't stand reading it with all of the grammatical mistakes included.

I would just like to point out to Eja that his assumptions that all black people think the same way is judgmental. Assuming that everyone of any same race thinks the same or does anything completely the same is irrational. There are blacks who hate whites and whites who hate blacks; however, Eja, you cannot assume that these people hate each other for the same reasons that you think they do. Maybe you are not correct. Just because you think something is so, true, or proven does not mean that it is in fact so, true, or proven. You should let everyone speak for himself. You cannot speak for all African Americans or all European Americans. People are individuals, and just by looking similar does not mean that they all think like you. Maybe white people aren't doing anything derogatory to blacks; maybe that is just your perception of your own situation. Maybe your "rules" don't apply to all blacks or all whites or all black-white relations. Just because someone is white doesn't mean that they are automatically doing bad things to blacks or visa versa. To add, you state that current actions by whites "remind" you of past oppression inflicted upon your ancestors. Do you realize how stupid this sounds? How in the world could you remember those things if you weren't there? What you might have meant to say was that when you hear about your ancestral history, you feel resentful towards whites; however, those are your feelings, and it is inaccurate for you to impose your thoughts and feelings upon the entire black race. Your statements are biased generalizations and, therefore, cannot be used as any basis in solving, justifying, or pointing out anything on this matter.

By the way, the phrase you are trying to quote is actually a mixture of at least two quotes by Sun Tzu from the 4th century B.C. and not by a "Dead Prez" as you so disrespectfully and uneducatedly put it. In fact, a simple Google search would have provided you with the accurate results you sought. Here are the quotes you flalingly tried to bring to light for us: "Know thy lot, know thy enemies, know thyself. Know thy enemy and know thy self, and you will win a hundred battles."

Of note, did you also know that the famous expression used in Jell-O commercials is incorrect? The phrase is, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating," not, "The proof is in the pudding."

This whole post of yours is just another case to support the theory of the dumbing down of America.

As mentioned previously, here is a corrected version of your post. I hope I didn't miss any mistakes; there were so many!

To Those Who Talk About "Black Hate"

Posted By: Eja
Date: Sunday, 17 April 2005, at 4:36 a.m.

There is this question of why some black people seem to hate white people. No, we do not hate white people, what we DESPISE is what they have done, and what they persist in doing, to us and this earth.

So I will be asked, "Were you ever a slave?" or, "Did you ever live under the colonial yoke?" "No," I will say. "Then why do you keep bringing this things up," they say. "After all, I have never had any slaves, and my country has never had any colonies in Africa" Yes this is true, but we keep bringing it up because the things we see around us keep reminding us of those days. Unfair trading practices remind us of colonialism, troops of African men shackled and under the gun of a 'white' man on horseback remind us of slavery, and hearing about African Americans prevented from voting during the first Bush "election victory" remind us of Jim Crow. The things we see, sir/madam, will not let us forget what you call history.

Speaking for myself, I do not hate white people. I DESPISE the systems they serve, but I do not hate them. Speaking generally, I will say that Africans have enough reasons to hate "white" people but, in the main, we do not. How could we and still stand to live amongst them? How could we hate them and receive them with hospitality into our countries and gatherings? Do these people know what hate is who imply hatred as a motive of what some African American says? Just as harmony and a tranquil soul are the building blocks of love, so hatred is built on a lack of reason and is mostly expressed in ways that defy logic and follow no clear path (which is why the word "blind" is often attached to it).

We African Americans know that white people HATE us because we look at the things they have done (and are doing) to us and we can see no reason for it. We have examined our ancestral memory, and we can find no record of us ever attacking a peaceful community of these people. We have never enslaved them, abused them with sex, or took their lands and invented diseases to wipe them off the face of this Earth. So we know that what they are doing does not even have the excuse of revenge as a motive. This is how we know that we are hated and if anybody thinks that after realizing this, and if we will still stand by and let someone lecture us on the healing properties of love, then this somebody needs to get back on their medication.

"Know your enemy, know yourself." - Sun Tzu

Wisdom and Strength (?)

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