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Re: Time for a Black Manist Movement

There is nothing that our black African women would like, more than we as African men be responsible, and act like fathers and a part of our family, and be there for our children and community in general. There is no getting away from the fact, that we as African men, have adopted the ways of the Europeans, and have treated our women like domestic servants, for the past 500 years are more, since the slave trading business was put into practical practice. 500 years is quite a long enough time, for any race of people, who were enslaved, for that period of time, to take on the dirty habits, of their slave masters, especially, after the original Africans, who were kidnaaped, across the middle passage are past away and buried in the ground.

The following generation will then grow up, and adopt the slave masters culture, attitudes and out of order behavior, considering that they will be speaking the langauge of the slave masters, therefore there is no way that our children would have escape, their dirty nasty culture, since if you speak another Nations language, you eventually learn is culture. We have adopted the dirty behavior as African men, to think that we should just tell our African women, what is it that we want to be done, instead of reasoning with her in a pleasant and harmonius manner, requesting her opinion, and contribution to the subject under discussion.

It is very often you will hear women say, my husband told me to do this or my husband told me to do that, instead of, my husband and I had a good reasoning about this, and we have decided, that this is what we would like to do. And in most of the cases, the men are always giving orders to thier women, instead of making suggestions and talking about the matter soberly. And because of this mentality, of the man being the head of the house, as it is written in the European bible, this is taken literally by our men, which means, that if he gets hooked up in a drinking and smoking session, with his friends, and is also caught in a traffic jam, he is not expecting to be asked what kept him so late in coming home, but if the women is late in coming home, for one reason are the other, she will be interrogated seriously and be warned, that it should not take place again, some women are even instantly slapped, and called a lyer, although they are speaking the naked truth. The African woman needs her African man to come home after work, to be with her and that child or children living within her during her pregnancy.

In the earlier days, it used to be the man who goes out and work as the bread winner, and the women would also stay home and work, by tidying the house, taking care of the children, wash the family's clothes, cook the food and set the table,
take the children to school, go to parent teacher's meetings, and do many other errands which would be considered to be women work, and also prpare herself for mating.

And especially, when the time is near, for her to deliver this lovely son or daughter. African men will have to give up this attitude of being the dominant one, and adopt being the humble one who will share in reasoning with his woman, in a respectful manner, in order to restore our families, to their original dignify way of life, so that our following generation, will learn to live the glorious life, of balance and equality between African men and women.

Well the man goes to work and get his pay check, and do consider that the pay check belongs to him, and also starts to spend that money on himself before he gets home, without asking the women permission, are even reasoning with her, as the minister of home affairs, as to how that money should be spent.

So her work at home, which give him clean clothes to wear, a clean bathroom to shower, a balanced mind to go to work, knowing that his woman is taking care of the home affairs, is not even considered, while in terms of real honesty, that money which he works belongs to his family, and should be taken home, and reasoned about, so that the priorities be taken care of first of all. We must admit that the homelessness which faces our people today, are based on many factors, but most of it are based on neglecting our resposibilities, going to those hightone clubs, to drink and smoke and wiggle, and refusing to take care of our children, if there is a breakup between yourselves and the mother of the chlid. We must do better as African black people if we are to be restored, to our great and harmonius way of life.
Again I send many oceans of blessings with self determination.
Baba Ras Marcus.

I consider the women to be the minister of home affairs, since she was created that way by Mother Nature and Father Time, she was created with the moods and spirit to take care of everyone, girls and boys men and women, that iswhy she is the one who gets pregnant when ever mating accurs, and a baby is to be produced. She is the one who will carry this child inside of her, until the appointed time for her to give birth. She is the one who have morning sickness and various kinds of uncomfortable feelings, which continue to accur during her pregnancy.

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