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Re: Black Feminism in the US *LINK*
In Response To: Black Feminism in the US ()

The result of "Black feminism," in the US is the abortion of fifteen million Black babies since abortion was legalized due to pressure from Black and white feminists. The result has also been Black males lowered to the position of 'high tech slave," because many of these males lost their fathers to feminist chauvanist policies from the welfare/childsupport conspiracy that conspires with some women to discard Black males. The result has been the rapid upliftment of Black, white and other women, men of other races and the lowering of the social life and destruction of the strength of the Black male.

Anyone who studies who began the "feminist" movement will find out that the feminist movement was carefully concocted not to promote rights for white women, but to keep Black former slaves from increasing in population, to stop Black males from building strong families and to bring about a white women who is as racist, as imperialistic and as genocidal as the white male oppressor.

In fact the white female and Black female feminist types have been as brutal and as genocidal as the white male with his centuries of wars of genocide aginst others. In America today about 450,000 Black babies are aborted every year due to feminist policies. That number is nothing short of genocide.


Today we are seeing the systematic destruction and genocide of pure, Black Africans in Dafur, Sudan. The perpetrators ATTACK THE BLACK MALES, WIPE THEM OUT AND RAPE THE BLACK WOMEN. Why attack the Black male? Well, just like Black and white feminists attack the Black male, the genocidists attack the Black male in Dafur, Sudan because the Black male protects his women, children and family and maintains a stable system.

By raping the Black women of Dafur, Sudan and by feminists promoting abortion in Black families and among Black women, they are both partners in the most effective means of genocide to date. They are sewing the seeds for future and present Black family destruction and disintegration in the Black family.

The eugenics proposed by some of the followers of Magaret Sanger was the same eugenics that was later copied by the German Nazis and used to eliminate many people. Feminism promotes abortion, sterilizatiion and discarding of Black people through promoting abortion. Feminism promotes the female sex at all costs above males, particularly Black males. That is why in America today, Black males are being destroyied by the pris.-industrial system which is fed due to the fact that feminists conspired with some of our Black women in the sixties to get rid of fathers from the home. This resulted in Black males being improperly raised.

Today, many Black males are nothing but modern 'slaves' and victims of the experiment of feminism being exploited. On the other hand, Black girls and women are making progress in American society to the extent that the same women destroying the Black male are asking "where are the suitable Blackc males?"

God forbid if Black nations around the world allow this feminist/racist paradigm to wreck havoc in their nations. Equality of the sexes is part of African tradition. Feminism is a racist idea that is also a genocidal idea pushed by the system of racism and white supremacy. Black women "feminists" are not looking for upliftment of the Black race, they are looking for domination of the Black male and destruction of Black men with the advice of their white feminist colleagues.

Blac men will have to stop being cowards and fight this racist/genocidal idea called "feminism" that promotes abortion, family destruction, genocide and the discarding of Black and other males. (Read more about the racist connections of the founders of the feminist movement, "A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," pub. by www.Authorhouse.com

The use of 'male vs female,' was put into effect as a scheme by Willie Lynch during the 1700's. It is still working today.

See "The Willie Lynch Letter," and commentary

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