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Re: Black Feminism in the US
In Response To: Black Feminism in the US ()

i think this article in the orginal post serves as a very basic but important survey of Black feminism in the U.S. it seems very few have taken the time to read it. Black feminists of any era have never called for the disempowerment of Black men nor the breakdown of Black familes, both of whom we love and are committed to--sometimes at the cost of our own detriment. however given that this love has not protected us from domestic violence, forced sterilization, rape, sexual abuse, poverty, abandonment, depression, lesser pay for the same work as men, unequal educational opportunities, so called welfare reform, forced labor in the domestic realm, lack of land and property rights, insuffient health care, rising numbers in fatal disease including breast cancer, AIDS, and fibroid cancer, misogynistic and degrading representation in mainstream media, discrimination in mainstream and non mainstream religions of which Black women serve as the foundation, lack of political representation, rising numbers of imprisonment and criminalization, Black women as feminists or otherwise, must and will continue to organize around the issues that face us and our communities whether we be in the States, the Caribbean or on the African continent, at home or at work. strong Black women creating a Black feminist ideal, consciously or unconsciously, (as in Harriet Tubman was unconsciously a Black feminist, Angela Davis is consciously a Black feminist) continue to be a great threat to white supremacy and Black male confusion not due to feminism as a means of power over others but due to its power to heal the brokeness of many who have been hurt, silenced and abused by white supremacy, patriarchy and gender imbalance.

and as Black feminist, bell hooks writes in her book Feminism is for Everybody, "Visionary feminism is a wise and loving politic. The soul of our politics is the committment to ending domination...a genuine feminist politcs always brings us from bondage to freedom, from lovelessness to loving... When we accept that true love is rooted in recognition and acceptance, that love combines acknowledgement, care, responsibilty, committment and knowledge, we understand there can be no love without justice."

this Black feminism as male bashing, in the pocket of white supremacy, the foolies of white feminists? i think not and have lived to know this Black liberation philosophy as a means of transformation overall,and at the very least like PanAfricanism, Black Nationalism or Rastafari, can looked to as a tool for change to be respected and studied. and much like the aforementioned, Black feminism need not and should not be taken as a contradiction to other modes of Black liberation.

thus in honor of Njeeri wa Th'iongo, the women of the Move Nine, Assata Shakur,Ama Ata Aidoo, Nawal el Saadawi,Audre Lorde, Edwidge Danticat, Amy Jacques Garvey, take the time educate yourself on what your wise woman ancestors, sisters, daughters,girlfriends, lovers, wives, coworkers and mothers are offering to the world. and while you are listening remember to give thanks to the Mama I Divine for life.

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