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Re: Black Feminism in the US *LINK*
In Response To: Re: Black Feminism in the US ()

My point is, the Black American male is way at the bottom of the social, economic and cultural ladder and is continuing to slide downward due to a carefully concocted conspiracy to keep Black males at the bottom.

The fact is IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, it is the Black male who is endangered, NOT THE BLACK FEMALE.

Moreover, it is Black women in the United States who continue to notice what radical feminist policies of sixties have done to the Black family first by discarding the Black father, secondly by eliminating millions of his children through abortiion and thirdly by creating a false paradigm that BLACK WOMEN HAVE BEEN SYSTEMATICALY OPPRESSED BY BLACK MALES (IN AMERICA) WHILE THEY HAVE COMPLETELY SHUT THEIR MOUTHS ABOUT THE OPPRESSION BY WHITE MALES AND WHITE FEMALES.

The Black American male has no social or family power. In the eyes of the State and many women he is nothig but a producer of seed and dollars. As far as raising children and contributing to the type of family system that will last for many generations, ALL OTHER RACES REALIZE THAT IS WHAT MUST CARRY ON, WHILE THE BLACK MAN IS DELIBERATELY ATTACKED WHEN HE IS TRYING TO DO HIS DUTY.

In the United States of America, it is female chauvanism, feminism and hatred for Black males that is the major problem. Of course in Latin America, Iran, the Arab nations, parts of the Caribbean, Africa and East Asia, women are oppressed. IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, IT IS THE BLACK MALE WHO IS OPPRESSED BY THE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY WHICH BOTH BLACK AND WHITE WOMEN ARE TRAINED TO TREAT BLACK MALES LIKE THE WHIPPING BOY.

Now feminists have issues with chauvanist males in the United States, but the overall system of WHITE SUPREMACY AND FEMINIST CHAUVANISM is detrimental to the progress of the Black male in America.

Fortunately, the type of inequality that Black males suffer in the US is not the norm in the rest of the world, but the weaker and blinder men get, the more they will be reduced to a gender that produces more "fifty-cent" an hour slaves then doctors, lawyers, engineers and professors.

Who created this paradigm...the people who concocted the destruction of the Black American boy by removing his father from the home. By so doing, they took part of his soul and today, Black males are in many cases mere soulless shells walking around like zombies with no direction.

Perhaps I am missing something, but that has been the lot of many Black males since the sixties and for centuries before that. As I mentioned before, the plantation owner from Barbadose who introduced the Willie Lynch system to control slaves used the slave's women as one of the major tools of control. He also used skin shade, class, height, and other attributes to divide the Black race. Radical feminism invented and created by people of Semitic/Anglo-Saxon origins is one of the main destroyers of the minds and souls of Black people. We can mention the millions of Black babies they have encouraged to be aborted or the family planning schemes they dominate in the Caribbean, Africa, the US and elsewhere in their effort to make Blacks a weak minority and to be overtaken in their own lands and nations.

Nature forbids that anyone ever sits back and say nothing on this issue just because they don't want to offend the sensibilities and fanatical feminist beliefs of the other sex who are feminists. Equal rights and equality of the sexes is what is needed. However, in the United States, Black men have had systematic domination in every way due to a carefully planned program that is presented from the top. The Black American male is in deep trouble due to the pushing of him aside to accomodate white women after the years of Civil Rights struggle in the US. The fights throgh protest and armed struggle that Black men and women fought for in the US has benefitted white feminists AND WHITE WOMEN who are now at an almost equal level with white males.


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