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Re: I walk amongst Rastas with a big smile..

Irie Yout

Give thanks for always words of Positivity. Seen.

Me just want to reason pon one subject here though. The I state: never ever let beliefs make you think everyone inna babylon is wicked

Now, what me see here when me read these boards is that many seem to be quite confused as to just who babylon a be. Now the term 'wicked' is quite harsh for true an brings to mind murderers an rapists an such, but the 'wicked' of babylon be those that are lead by greed and vanity (as well as the murderers an them). So when IanI Rastafari a term 'Babylon'... is just these ones that IanI referin to... them that is lead by greed an vanity, the 'wickedness' of greed an vanity. Now, that no mean them gonna murder me in the dark alley, or rape me sister, right... but it a wickedness still, otherwise them wouldn't be a 'Babylon'. You get me reasoning? Is important that it be clear a who babylon a be. And many of them nah even know them own issues, you see. For while ones a starving next door, them a spendin whole heaps a money pon hair chemicals for vanity reasons and lettin the baby go hungry and such like that... not even realizin them own wickedness. You see?

It takes serious meditations for many to see these things, and to know the Reality from the 'belief'. Right? So, is important to know, 'who is Babylon'... for babylon is wickedness, is greed, is vanity. And till them that lead them life by those principles realize that, them a be babylon and keep babylon system going an going. And is a wickedness for true.

However, IanI Rastafari make a conscious decision not to be lead by them wickednesses, but rather by LOVE... and the whole world a change for IanI, just as the I does state. Seen!

So, give thanks. Give praise.
Unto the Almighty Most High!
JAH Rastafari

IanI Rastafari
Guidance and Protection

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I walk amongst Rastas with a big smile..
Re: I walk amongst Rastas with a big smile..
Re: I walk amongst Rastas with a big smile..
Re: I walk amongst Rastas with a big smile..
Re: I walk amongst Rastas with a big smile..
Thanks for the insight! *NM*
Who art Babylon?
thank's for your good words
Re: I walk amongst Rastas with a big smile..

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