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Re: SinaGOGue of Satan Prophecy Fullfillin

I agree. Some day some day some day, Jah Children will be in FULL control and our leaders will reflect that. A rainbow spectrum of moral leadership in the name of our Lord.

Something has definitly got to give.

When every mind is set free - unlearned and relearned and all who walk upon the earth are righteous then the fire will burn all the KLAATS and evil will be gone and if they do exist they sure the hell won't be re-elected.

JAHstituents not CONstituents.

The day the WTC towers went down along with the PENTAGONE being squashed...... I admit I was cheering and felt a certain kind of freedom setting in. This was entirely due to the fact of the SYMBOLISM it held.

But, it is mindless and heartless. I quickly caught myself before being swept in the wrong direction...... because a BUILDING FALLING DOES NOT EQUAL THE FALL OF EVIL, it does not equal the fall of oppression......... it does not change the intentions of human-kind. It did not help those suffering or in need. It did not offer a positive soulution. And Bin Laden would bloodsuck Nigerias oil just as Bush. Who knows their probably related.

Your right, there was even a daycare full of innocent children in those towers... little babies. Bin Ladens hatred was not a hatred for evil, only another turn of shaytans revolving door.

don't want no more.

Love, Heather

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Re: SinaGOGue of Satan Prophecy Fullfillin
Re: SinaGOGue of Satan Prophecy Fullfillin
Re: SinaGOGue of Satan Prophecy Fullfillin
Re: SinaGOGue of Satan Prophecy Fullfillin

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