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SinaGOGue of Satan Prophecy Fullfillin

Hail in the Name of Haile Selassie the First Black King of Judah,

Watching Jerusalem/Palestine

The I's can read Revelation 2:9 passage says all that needs to be said: Beware of those who call themselves Jews but are not, but of the Synagogue of Satan!!!! Dem there are cold blooded NAZIS that could never be Rasta!!!!!!

For those who fantasize about those socalledJews, it is a disgrace to even associate Rasta with with these wicked liers. InI trod to Jerusalem twice and have seen the wickedness first hand, they are GOG and Magog that came from the north (YourRope) to occupy the land before the judgement....Drinking Palestinian children blood, they are worse than Hitler.

So to prove their legitmacy they traded with none other than Mengistu, weapons for the True Born Beta (House) of Israel, and evacuated I bredrin from their homeland to be used in their wicked plots to over take more land.** Don't forget 1996,the blood of Beta Israel they poured out, with the lie that they thought they had aids!!!!*** the work of none but satan.

Interestingly, Palestine appears to be the last front of resistance against global WHITE SUPREMACY
being waged by yet another nation of color who have been tricked and robbed by the WHITE MAN. No one can deny this continual history of of the beast as he has run thru the earth robbing, raping and murdering to satisfy the lust for greed, vanity and death.And now the white boy catch a fire and they nah like it....

It is symbolic that the holy land and Jerusalem would be the beast's last abode to desecrate. But we are all witnesses each day since 1948...the fight for Jerusalem. And all those European countries supporting the Nazidom of Sharon are also GOG and Magog drinking from the same cup, in the hand of the Whore of Babylon.
Why even the so called European Christian Churches robbed the Ethiopian Patriarchy in Jerusalem of its original properties at the Holy Seculpure, and the Vatican owns big land thru out Jerusalem and the Galilee.

The other connections is Bin Laden who has consistently related his cause with the cause of the Palestinians, and has referred to the Europeans, socalledJews, and the Americans as the "Crusaders". As they call them terrorists, more accurately he is a Pan Arab revolutionary or resistsance fighter attempting to drive the White man out of the lands he has no right to be in, whether its Jerusalem or Mecca Saudi Arabia. he got the whole white world in a tizzy, cause they don't bow down to this global white supremacy.

And where next but Africa. The border tension with Eritrea and Ethiopia, the eye is on Aksum and the Ark. I was there last summer, nuff military posted to defend the Ark so close to the border.

Africa for the Africans,
Amaggedion Soldier
raz marcus

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