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Re: Bob Marley was murdered by NAZIs

Raspek ras, I agree with a lot of what you say.
However I think there are very few rastas who think all white people are the enemy. Because you say "Black Supremacy" don't mean you hate all white people. My dad's "white" (celtic/welsh)and I don't see any contradiction between loving and respecting him as my father, and using the term Black Supremacy. (See my original post below on "Black Supremacy".)
That's interesting what you said about the word "Uro", I didn't know that. My Native American friends say "wasichu", it means "fat-taker", a greedy person who takes all the fat and don't leave none for no one else- a very accurate term to describe the impact of "Uro" culture on indigenous peoples, and one that makes no mention of the color of skin.
"AshkiNazis", ah gon have to remember that one next time I want to piss off an "Israeli" (not that all 'white' "Israelis"/"Jews" support their genocidal government, respek to people like the group Women In Black who resist Sharon and his crew of maniacs).
Hey I posted some questions in response to sis. Mimi's post, maybe you would want to answer them as well as you seem to be the head of Lion of Judah mission.
Raspek- Peace- Love- Rastafari

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Bob Marley was murdered by NAZIs
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Re: Bob Marley was murdered by NAZIs

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