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Re: The Ganja debate w.r.t. Bob Marley's death.

Me ain't know what the blurdcleat this guy is talking about. It's well known that Bob died of melanoma (skin) cancer which started in his toe and later spread to the rest of his body including his brain and lungs. There are various speculations as to the cause of the cancer, which was first detected after Bob suffered a football injury to his toe which would not heal. Some say he genetically inherited the potential to contract melanoma from his white father; melanoma is rare among African people. Some say he was exposed to toxic chemicals when he worked for DuPont in Delaware (the area where DuPont operates has something like 5 times the average national cancer rate). Some say he was injected with a carcinogenic chemical by the CIA or other devilish forces. Lee Lew-Lee, an African-Chinese New Yorker, ex-Black Panther and film-maker ("The Panama Deception" and "All Power to the People"), who was a friend of the Wailers, says he personally witnessed that Bob was given a pair of boots as a gift from Carl Colby, the son of the director of the CIA, who was posing as a member of the Wailers' film crew. This was right after Bob got shot. When Bob put on the boots he allegedly winced in pain, took them off and saw a length of copper wire embedded in the boot, which had pricked him in the toe- the same toe where the cancer was detected.

Many people have said that it is impossible to inject someone with cancer. (Roger Steffens seems to re-iterate this point every time he presents his slide-show on Bob's life, which makes me wonder what his real agenda is- personally i don't trust that man at all, I think he is just making money off Bob now he's gone). This may be true, but it's not impossible to inject someone with a carcinogenic chemical which could later cause cancer.

The CIA had extensive files on Bob Marley, as they did on Peter Tosh, John Lennon and other musicians seen as "subversive". Many of these files remain classified to this day.

We will probably know the real truth, but we can be certain that it had nothing to do with smoking herb. As a matter of fact Bob increased his ganja intake AFTER the cancer had been detected, as he felt it would help cure him. We can see from this that herb is not a cure for cancer, but it's not a cause of it either. If over-smoking herb was the cause then the cancer would have started in his lungs, not his toe.

I wonder what is the motivation behind all these politicians in the caribbean who are so rabidly against herb. Do they really believe it's so dangerous? Or are they afraid that if more people smoke (or drink or eat) herb, it will help open their mind to see through all the lies and manipulations these little punks use to maintain their positions of power?

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The Ganja debate w.r.t. Bob Marley's death.
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Bob Marley was murdered by NAZIs
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Re: Bob Marley was murdered by NAZIs

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