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Bob Marley was murdered by NAZIs


Very interesting! HOWEVER, just as ini have spoken in the past is now proven in print. BASICALLY, Bob Marley, the RASTA PROPHET was murdered by NAZIS. YES, its like we betrayed our prophet into the hand of Satan - the Nazis. IN THE RECENT "HIGH TIMES" ISSUE with Bob Marley on the cover there is an inside story on "WHO MURDERED BOB MARLEY" and like it or not it shows that we as RASTAFARI have a lot to get together when we speak of "revolutionary". Years ago when there were reports on "Strange Universe" about Bob' death and related facts INI had been saying that "... Bob was betrayed" and that "Bob was murdered". Even at that time I knew that the "Germans" were involved. YET, HOW SHOCKING TO FIND OUT THAT BOB MARLEY'S VERY DOCTOR WAS/IS A NAZI! The very demon that Bob got betrayed into the hands of used to work in the concentration camps with the "other" Jews and killed them just like the NAZIS KILLED BOB!! Now what? What are people going to say now that all the LIES and DECEPTIONS are coming into the open??? What are the wicked, even those who betrayed Bob gonna say or do?? Many people know the truth and have been afraid to speak up on it. Amazingly Cedella, Bob' Mother spoke and told about the gradual "killing" and abuse of the Rasta Prophet. In fact, the first thing that the NAZI doctor said when Bob come to see him was "...So, You're the most DANGEROUS BLACKMAN in the World"?? Huh? Did ya get that?!! Then when Bob could not move, talk or hardly even live anymore in that state - the Nazi takes a picture smoking a cigar next to the lockless, dying and 80 lbs Bob. THIS PHOTO WAS IN CLASS MAGAZINE!!!

Well, I am just sharing this with all of my Sistrens and Bredrens to inform them to take the RASTAFARI MISSION and works much more seriously. When INI of the LOJ speak about ORDER and also spend so much effort to bring ones and ones togather as well as SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE, some get mixed up and confused (babylonian minded ;-). What we must do is build as RASTAFARI-KINGS after the example of the ETHIOPIC SOVEREIGNITY! Forget the talk of "black" supremacy because in truth thats not what His Majesty deals with DIRECTLY! His Majesty deals with and defends ETHIOPIAN SOVEREIGNITY! The real enemy is not "white" people O Ye Foolish Ones! The REAL ENEMY is the Euro mind and the Uro mind. Uro in Ebo means ARROGANT, PROUD, IGNORANT and Nmano means "man". Therefore ini "new" name for them is EURO-SUPREMACISTS as well as EURO/uronmano = Arrogant Ones and ones.... The ancient roman/uronmano culture will/is bringing out the demons of all the peoples of the world as the entire creation gets ready for CONFLAGRATION = IVINE FIYAH!

So many "stories" and "tales" about BOB MARLEY and even H.I.M. are being disproven and the TRUTH IS COMING TO LIGHT NOW-A-DAYS! More and more those who are too blind to see will be hit by the light of truth and they will not be able to avoid it.... LOJ & all of i virtuous Sisters and Courageous Brothers are gathering together in small groups and large ones to study the TEACHINGS OF H.I.M. as a family.

As we build our nation with ILAMANATION ini need to remember that SECURITY/SELAM is very important. HOW DO WE PROTECT INI WIVES & CHILDREN??? How do ini prevent ini prophets from being sold into the hands of the Nazis or even the AshkeNazis?? Even the Ethiopian Hebrews in Israel are beginning to wake up and are tired of the "new nigger" status that the racist jews have given them. ETHIOPIC PEOPLE, who is ini friend except JANHOI and the Good Ethiopian People of the EArth... We cannot and SHALL NOT BUILD RASTAFARI ON "jamaican" principles!! RASTAFARI IS AN ETHIOPIC PERSON! Therefore if we call ini selves RASTAFARI we must build pon RASTAFARI not an island which acted as the "lightower" of the boat of the RASTAFARI REVELATION!

Just because one is Jamaican or even west indian they have NO EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to RASTAFARI that another ETHIOPIC (Black) individual doesn't. This mentality of "jamaicanism" also contributed to Bob death. Bob was moving around the earth with people he may have grown up with yet they weren't half as firm or real as him. How can we tell? How can we JUDGE? CHRISTOS says that one must judge a TREE by the fruits.... somethings are painfully obvious YET most of us will act like we didn't see it....

and thus,

ini IADONIS have come with the BOOK,
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