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Re: Wake Up Rasta-good point
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"wha next? White elders teaching I&I youth about Rastafari, black culture and consciousness, livity and history?

What comes next is up to all of us... so what's next... more elders of any color teaching hate and spreading ignorance on the weak basis of preserving culture.

Yes, all should preserve their respective cultures, but I'm certainly not going to use culture as a crutch or an excuse to fall into evil.

Many are called but few are chosen - do you suppose these few chosen are going to be selected via culture? Is Jah gonna say, 'oh, that's a good culture over here, and there's one over there'

heck no.

Is not technology known to be 'Western Culture' ... so therefore are black rastafarians on the net invading and rearranging white heritage? Are they going to ruin my white childrens minds and sense of history? Are black people who have immensly helped create and build the internet diminishing its value because this is digital culture originating from Europeans. Are Rastafarians..... naturally natural also dimishing digital culture by the very essence of their naturality residing in a medium so unnatural?


See, I know these are ridiculous questions (in my opinion) but your reasoning is naturally leading me there.

If your sternly devoted to certain principles... then don't go wandering off into other territories, seen? The example your setting cannot stand on it's own because its drenched in hypocrisy.

It reminds me of the sign I saw in this picture next to an article about the Aryan Klan. They had and have these little camps and villages throughout america and have been murdering people... even other whites who do not accept their hate philosophy of white supremacy. They even have this little church (in the picture) with a sign in front of it saying 'WHITES ONLY'and they even shot and attempted murder upon a woman who was half white half cherokee and her son becuase they were driving near the road where their mountain hate camp is. They are lucky to have survived.

This woman, having luckily survived, bravely continued the fight against these Arayan Supremisits and eventually after a dangerous and long hard struggle many of them evil people are now imprisoned and the camp is now obsolete. (However, hate prejudice and ignorance is clearly not).

The point in telling this true story is that this woman who is half-Indian half-White risked her life repeatedly to rid this evil for the sake of others and HUMAN RIGHTS. What if this woman wanted to become Rastafarian? Would she be a detriment or a blessing?

How many of you (once again regardless of color) single handedly take on the Aryan SupremiCYST Murderers living right next door, even after almost losing your own life to their evil hands.

Would someone like that be a detriment or a blessing to Rastafari? Would she only be 'allowed' (reminds me of that Aryan SupremiCYST whites only sign)to be a sympathizer?

I highly doubt any whites rastas out there have any plans whatsoever to go and teach or mis-teach or brainwash black children. (non-rastas are another story) (there are even blacks that mis-teach black students, go figure that one too) That is thinking that has wandered too far over into the devils lands if you ask I.

Peace, Heather

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