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A Role Call Of Rememberance Must Be Established.

Another basic principle and historic Ceremony, which has been Egnored by Rastafari people, is to have a regular roll call Ceremony, of Rastafari patriots who have passed on, in order to preserve history for the following generation to acquire. The following generation and our people in general, should know who our passed Rastafari Patriots were, and the great liberation work which they did. The names of Rastafari patriots who have spent their lives, resisting babylon in the very early days, should not be forgotten, instead their names should be called in a regular roll call, paying tribute and respect, for their great liberation works, which they carried on during their life time. No Nyabinghi Assemble, or any other kind of liberation event, should begin without having a respectful roll call for our patriots, who struggled in the early days, through great tribulations and persecutions, and were able to build the Social, Cultural, Spiritual, and liberation bridges, upon which we are all walking today. Try your best to put this idea into practical practice, whenever you are involved, in a Rastafari people's event or Assemble, it will help to keep the memories and names, of our African patriots alive, as we travel on this great journey of life. The journey of life continues. Take the best care of yourself and your people.
Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination to African people everywhere.
Baba Ras Marcus

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Re: Life Has Its Entrance And Its Exits
Re: Life Has Its Entrance And Its Exits
Dejazmatch Tafari Makonnen
A Role Call Of Rememberance Must Be Established.
Re: Life Has Its Entrance And Its Exits
Re: Life Has Its Entrance And Its Exits

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