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Dejazmatch Tafari Makonnen

On the 1st of November 1905, Tafari Makonnen was call up by his father Ras Makonnen, and given the title Dejazmatch, in the presence of Ras Makonnen's Officers, Troops, workers, and people in general. So, Tafari Makonnen, from that day on, became Dejazmatch Tafari Makonnen, which made him governor of a large region, called Gara Mallata. He was also given, a chief administrator Named Fitawrari Qoltch, to act as tutor and deputy, and to help him generally with the work.

Four months later on the 21st of March Ras Makonnen his father died, at a place called Qullebi, while he was on his way to Addis Ababa. Dejazmatch Tafari Makonnen and his Army, took his Ras Makonnen's remains back to Harar, and buried him in the church yard of St. Michael, which is a church which was established, by Ras Makonnen himself. Not long after the funeral, a letter came from Menelik in Addis Ababa, to the Officers and Troops saying, come at once with Dejazmatch Tafari, for it is here before me at Addis Ababa, that the lamentations and memorial for Ras Makonnen shall be held.

They departed from Harar for Addis Ababa on the 10th of April 1906, and did not reached Addis Ababa until the 26th of April 1906. The Army that went consisted of a great multitude of people, and since they were traveling in the small rainy season, many people died on the way, as a result of malaria fever, which spread among the camp. No one who passed away was left to rot on the ground, they were all buried with dignity, and they then proceeded to the menmorial in Addis Ababa, which was a great success, with great multitudes of Rases and other dignitaries, who had grown up with Ras Makonnen, and had fought many battles with him, against the enemies of the Empire of Ethiopia and her people. I present this reference to inform us all, that His Majesty involved His self in all manner of community and cultural works, including attending funerals. It would be good if Rastafari people would follow the examples of His Majesty.
The above informationn can be found in Volume One,
of the Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie 1.

The journey of live continues. Take the best care of yourself and your people.
Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination to African people everywhere.
Baba Ras Marcus.

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