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Re: Is Obama just playing good cop? *LINK*

thanks for the article -

please explain what this means:

"In Obama's new era of responsibility, he should, on behalf of the American government, also accept a measure of responsibility for the ongoing slaughter in Gaza. The weapons used in the recent slaughter saw over 1,300 Palestinians killed and countless others maimed, as well as the destruction to lives and property. Acts of aggression by Israel are done with weapons and technology supplied by the United States of America and quite possibly with the approval of past administrations."

while this statement is undoubtedly true, why start/stop w/ Obama there are dozens of countries if not more, that supply arms and munitions to Israel including but not limited to Uropean and Asian suppliers.

"Obama has called for the disarming and sidelining of Hamas, which is the democratically elected government in Palestine. He also called on Arabs to solidify behind the much discredited Palestinian Authority. So the wishes of Palestinians are being ignored as usual."

i am by no means a supporter of Israel and its acts of terror that it has perpetrated on the Palestinians. The above quoted info I think misses the mark, unless the author can give information that supports the idea that Hamas is credible and the Palestinian Authority is 'discredited'. Or is the author measuring political credibility solely on the basis of a political institution being 'democratically' elected?
"he has signaled that he does not intend to investigate or prosecute those officials who were responsible for the policies of torture and illegal detention".
i think that closing guatanamo is a step in the right direction. btw Im not in agreement with Many of the decisions made thus far by Obama, but I do think that the narrative that was posted in this article was narrow in it's focus. Nevertheless, it was insightful in some areas.


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Is Obama just playing good cop? *LINK*
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Re: Is Obama just playing good cop?
Re: Is Obama just playing good cop? *LINK*
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Re: Is Obama just playing good cop?
Re: Is Obama just playing good cop?
Re: Is Obama just playing good cop?
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