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Re: Is Obama just playing good cop?

Thankhs for the article, Ayinde.
Thankhs for the posting, Ras Tyehimba.

I just wanted to comment on the "good cop/bad cop" analogy which is DEAD ON ACCURATE.

In an police interrogation, the play between good and bad cop is the oldest psychological trick in the book. You can get MUCH more cooperation from the suspect/target with a smiling, friendly 'good' cop in their face.

But what is very important with the Obama ordeal is how the controllers exploit the very self/ego issues that this website had addressed since its inception, from what I can see. It is as if the organizers of this site foresaw the events at hand today and tried to warn and prepare us for such shenanigans. Now here we are completely immersed with the blessings of our own.

This whole ordeal is a metaphor for our own mental condition. Obama is a god to the ego. He represents EVERYTHING comfortable and glossy about the American illusion. The timing of his positioning could not have been better orchestrated. Because of the pre-planned drastic current conditions, we are forced to associate/align our survival instincts (shelter and food) with the success of American corporate endeavors. WE have been put in a position to protect the "massa's house" because that is the hand that feeds. We now have a house negro appearing to run the plantation. So when he goes smiling and dancing into Afrika, met with a red carpet, and he announces how the Afrika leaders have begged the US for intervention and help, we will not bat an eye, especially knowing that we are supposed to "share the wealth", as the corporation extend their exploitation and depletion of human and natural resources.

This time with our blessings instead of our resistance.

We go from GW to WD-40 (44 that is) to lubricate the skids and slip mickeys into the minds of black people, home and abroad.

ALL of the reasonings that we have engaged in here, from colorism to religion to complicity to egotism to denial is relevant to this Obamic phenomenon.

Give thankhs to you two and the entire staff in general for the vigilance, dedication and expression of Truths.

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