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In Response To: Re: DDD; Seshatasefekht ()

peace and hotep,


you asked:

"when you speak about power dynamic,
is it in truth
or in their 'ideology' of 'power' and 'dynamic'?.....(For if "they" are truly in a position of power and systematic supremacy
there would be no need to dress in sheep clothing, deceive, trickery and
redefine; they or the fox would've gotte'n the 'grape' without"

because i had asked:

"Diyouth, is it possible that the Lord has a favorite 'color' of sheep or wolf? Did the Lord create non'white' people to serve 'white' people because the power dynamic in the world has favored 'white' people for some time now?"

Diyouth, the force which is most often referred to as "God", and/or "the Creator", Lord, Shephard, etc., and is the greatest force in the known universe.

This force (the sum total of all that is known and unknown) is generally thought to be a power that is greater than all "powers" in the known universe.

Whereas there has been great disagreement as regards the existence of this power, and/or the existence of a "closely interrelated" combination of forces that "cause" this power.

There are a lot of people that would argue that definition of GOD. I would say GOD is "The Creator".

People do not create anything...they arrange things that are already created. People cannot create a house...they can build a house using the materials that have already been created.

I once heard someone say that people create money...that money is a concept that people created and that it did not exist before people created it. I asked did these people use their brains to come up with this concept and I was told "yes". So I asked who created their brains...where did that material come from. Someone in the group said their parents created their brain. I said...OK...who created their brain.

Eventually you gotta get to whomever created something out of person on this planet right now can do that.

Speak and act to oppose the belief that White Supremacy (Racism) is “God’s Religion”, or, is a part of, “God’s Religion”.

Reason(s) / Explanation (s):

It has been said that “God made white people for the purpose of serving God, and God made black people for the purpose of serving white people”.

This could be true. There is much to indicate that it is true.

If true, however, there is much to indicate that the smartest and most powerful white people(wolf) have chosen NOT to “serve God” (shephard). There is much to indicate that the smartest and most powerful white people [White Supremacist] have chosen to subvert, and/or replace God. They have, apparently, chosen to “make” themselves “God”. It is unfortunate, non-just, and incorrect for the smartest, and most powerful of the people of the known universe to have organized themselves into a “Race” (wolf pack)

{Race, and/or Racism =
1. A system of thought, speech, and action, operated by people who classify themselves as “white”, and who use deceit, violence, and/or the threat of violence, to subjugate, use and/or abuse people classified as “non-white” (sheep), under conditions that promote the practice of falsehood, non-justice, and incorrectness, in one or more areas of activity, for the ULTIMATE PURPOSE of maintaining, expanding, and/or refining the practice of White Supremacy (Racism/wolfism).

2. Unjust speech, action, and/or inaction based on the color, and/or non-color, of persons, and/or factors associated with, the color, and/or non-color, of persons.

3. White Supremacy. }.

Not all white people, presumably, are members of a Race, but, apparently, those who are smarter, and, therefore, more powerful, do function {by choice} as Race Members [Racists / White Supremacist]. They have made Racism their “religion”. They have made Racism into the most powerful “religion” among the people of the known universe, and made themselves the “God” of that “religion”.

To confuse their victims, they have disguised their practice of Racism by using the names and titles of many other religions and social concepts. This has helped them to refine their subjugation and abuse of their victims.

They have chosen to have non-white people “worship” them for being “white” and SUPREME. They have attempted to make God and White Supremacy one and the same. They have done all this for no ultimate purpose than to “glorify” White Supremacy (Racism), and to “glorify” themselves as “White” Supremacists (Racists).

The basic speech and action of a Racist (White Supremacist) is only for the purpose of promoting falsehood, non-justice, and incorrectness as the functional foundation for Racism (White Supremacy).


It is reasonable to believe that Racism does not serve God. Also, there is no reason to believe that a person can be a Racist, and serve God, AT THE SAME TIME.

If Racism does not serve the purpose(s) of the Creator [God], then it is the DUTY of the Victims of Racism [non-white people], as well as the duty of those white people who are NOT Racists, to speak and act to eliminate Racism. It is also the duty of those white persons who are Racists, to stop being Racist.

If these duties are performed, conditions will then be better for the Creator’s [God’s] purposes to be served.

The value of any “religion” should be determined by how it affects people in the way that they relate to each other, as well as all that is in the universe.

People who have great power were “given” the means and ability to develop that power. If people who have great power use that power to mistreat people, they have, by so doing, destroyed their reason for HAVING that power. It is then the duty of those persons who have been mistreated to persuade those powerful persons to stop misusing that power. IT IS THE DUTY OF THE MISTREATED PERSONS TO CAUSE THESE POWERFUL PERSONS(wolf) TO BE SEPARATED FROM THEIR POWER. In causing this separation from power, it is correct for the mistreated (sheep)to use correct social force and/or correct counter-violence.

The correct purpose for producing, receiving, or sharing knowledge, and/or power, is to reveal truth, and to use truth in a manner that produces justice and correctness-------in order to produce “peace”.

No people should do other than this. No people should BE ALLOWED to do other than this.


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