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Re: DDD; Selassielive
In Response To: Re: DDD; Selassielive ()

("Well, in my opinion, the only thing I can do for those who dont overstand is try to offer some overstanding. They can either accept it or reject it.")

can they not question it?,
possibly correct it?
takes time... "

Bless up Diyouth,
Of course they can question it? People must never stop asking questions. Otherwise, they would be brainwashed and indoctrinated into blind beLIEf.

Some things (human creations) can be corrected and approved upon. Somethings cannot like nature's universal laws. We have seen the folly of modern technology's attempt to do so.

All things are revealed in time.

("I dont know what you mean when you ask if they are spades. Calling a spade a spade means that ones sight things as they really are and not necessarily how they appear to be.")

and what is, things as they really are?

A person killed 2 others; deemed a murder, yet
person is also a Father of 3 who cares
and provides for them and their Mother.

Yet you'll never hear Murderer and Loving Father in the same sentence when people
refer to who this person 'really is'
or this particular 'spade'.

Point being,
a spade or the way things are realistically
perhaps cannot escape
the subjective biases of calling spades;
which contradicts
the way things really are?
unless you've heard of a spade
consisting of two 'opposite' traits?"

A man can be a murderer (destroyer) and loving father (builder) at the same time.

If a man murders another in the protection of his children, is he not being a loving father as well as a murderer? What more love can a father show his children than to give and protect/sustain/nurture their lives?

We all have creator and destroyer within us. Who we are depends on which energy we feed the most. Sometimes, in my opinion, it is necessary to destroy.

("People who recognize a wolf masquerading as a sheep should take measures to avoid being devoured by the wolf.")

that recognition is crux

I remember a reasoning with the I as you mentioned an experiment with students about perspectives.
In like manner,
suppose someone who claims truth
knowing "what time it is" 'n all,
yet still exhibit the tenure
of a victim, wounded and vulnerable...

Then will you not say this is a
masquerade of liberation, power, and freedominion...a wolf in disguise?

For some persons will join organizations
just to 'rebel', lash out, fight
prosecute, 'stick to the man' etc...
with no intention for or even to learn
the core, fundamentals... it, justice, appropriation of opportunity, etc!
and quick to set out and divide said organization
and 'start their own'... exhausting the communities resources! "

Be careful of someone who says they have the TRUTH, especially when it comes to human affairs. What they really have is their subjective truth.

Weeds are typically deemed as "bad" because they take resources from the "good" plants and grow in undesirable places. Yet, wheat, which is one of the most important (desired/"good") crops in the world was one considered a weed/undesirable.

Not many people are totally liberated from all things. We are typically slaves to something. Because someone has discovered some truth doesnot mean that they have totally liberated their being.

To I, it is not about pointing out the "good" or "bad" in a person. It is about integrity and humblestanding. If one feeds the wolf then they uphold the ways of the wolf. If one feeds the sheep, then they uphold the ways of the sheep. My problem is when one claims to uphold the ways of the sheep but really feeds and sustains the wolf.

When I use the word "sheep", I am referring to creative/nurturing energy. Not sheeple being blindly lead. This is just as destructive as the wolf in sheeps clothing.

Sometimes a wolf in "sheeps" clothing can be an assest like during the art of war....or would that be considered a sheep in wolf's clothing? Well anyway...

Subjective biases cannot be avoided when it comes to what is deemed "good/sheepish/producer" and what is deemed "bad/wolfish/destroyer" It is the nature of the beast.

Hyprocrisy and vanity are unfortunately human conditions. That is why it is necessary that they be pointed out and accounted for.

I dont necessarily think it is bad to branch out and start ones own thing. Ideas are resources that can never be exhausted.

Give thanks for the reasonings

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