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Re: Signs of Neanderthals Mating With Humans *LINK*

You said : "I've got no reason to dispute that. But whites are not descended from neanderthals. How can we be when we are (by your own admission) the offspring of Black people? There is nobody alive today with neanderthal genes."

I say different, I say 'whites' are descended from a mixture of African immigrants into Europe and the neanderthals.

The 'white' is actually the original mixed race species.

Since the 'white' is from Africans who had left Africa thousands of years before they met and intermingled with the neanderthal, the descendants of those mixtures are not Africans (using here the same logic that says the half-semite who mixed with the African thousands of years ago is NOW an African).

Every bird has it's own nest. Europe is acknowledged to be the home of Europeans. Fair enough, all the ancestors that went into making what is now known as the European LIVED in Europe. Asia is the land of Asians for the same reason as above. Why should the African be the only one who has nothing he/she can all his/her own? Why are we being told that OUR home is the home of everybody? If this line of reasoning is taken to it's logical conclusion, then, we may say that since the African was here on Earth first, then the whole Earth belongs to us. Perhaps we should start proceedings to get this fact recognised and taught to all nations on the Earth.

We will not always be a people without a voice that has to be listened to. Careful what ideas you push foward because they could become the source of a conflict that will end in ways you never foresaw. Eja

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