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Old news to some of us... *LINK*

"What I would object to is the dressing up of this process (choice and faith in choice) as irrefutable science. Science implies indisputable fact. And, for as long as one can say "we are still learning about x and y", then you are not dealing yet with indisputable facts. So, until the book is closed on the study of the origins of Life, we are all free to make what serves us best (IN THE TIMES WE LIVE IN) with what we have - as long as we are not taking from others what belongs to them.

So, if I am to be proven to have spoken unjustly when I said "the only human to come out of Africa is the African", it needs to be SHOWN beyond doubt (and without speculation) that I have taken something from non-Africans that belonged to them." Eja

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Signs of Neanderthals Mating With Humans *LINK*
Old news to some of us... *LINK*
Re: Old news to some of us... *LINK*
Re: Signs of Neanderthals Mating With Humans *LINK*
Your Neanderthal Inheritance *LINK*

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