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United Vendors Association Helped Black People.

While the Vendors or Informal Commercial Importers as they were also called, were in the activities of buying merchandise abroad, and taking them to the streets sides of Jamaica and selling them for some profits, they were able to create employment for many thousands of people, since they would have to find some one to sell their products when they travel abroad to buy goods. The taxi companies also prospered in their business and were very busy at the Airport when ever the Vendors planes were due to come in to Jamaica.

The goverments also made a lot of money by selling extra new passports, and by making a large amount of extra Custom Duties among other fees. Then the guest houses and hotels in the foriegn countries where the Vendors travel to buy their goods also made extra money as well as restaurants as a result of the accommodations which the Vendors had to use while they were abroad for the four of five days doing business.

As a result of complains at the Vendors association meetings about bad accomodations, lost of luggage on the planes, among other issues, the Airline representatives were invited to the Vendors meetings to hear for them selves the coplaining of the Vendors. The Airline would then offer free tickets to the Vendors Association, to send resprsentatives to Curasao of Panama or where ever to observe the living conditions on behalf of the Vendors, in order to create improved living cpnditions in these places, where Vendors had to stay when they travelled to those countries The Vendors association representatives actually met the Governor of Curacao on one occasion, to talk about the conditions, since they did not want to loose the business of the Vendors, which was a great benefit for their Free Zones, as well as the general business atmosphere which the Vendors offered to their entire community.

So, the truth is, that Ras Historian did a great work when he established the Unkited Vendors Association, and he is very worthy of some assistance, from all those people who he helped to redeem, from the poverty conditions which they were in, before the Vendors were able to create employment for then selves, and many thousands of others, in one way or another. So, if any of you manage to read this history, make an effort to find out about Ras Historian, ask around among other Vendors if they have seen or heard from him, and go and see him, and have a fund Raiser for him among the Vendors, and give him a start to restore himself, he is a very hard worker and he will servive if he is help. Help him like he helped you in the past. The journey of life continues. Take the best care of yourselves and your people.
Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination to African ;people everywhere.
Baba Ras Marcus.

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United Vendors Association Helped Black People.
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