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The United Vendors Association Helped Our People

Black people living in Jamaica, who were finding it hard to care for themselves and their family, made the decision, to travel abroad and buy goods and come back home to Jamaica and trade their goods for a profit. It started small but before long the word spread by word of mouth, and soon almost every family in Jamaica had some one in their family who was involved, in what was later called Informal Commercial Importers. These people were importing shoes and other clothing as well as other merchandise from the USA and other countries and were selling their goods on the street corners under their own management.

There were so many people on the streets selling their goods, the merchants and their Chambers of Commerce complained about these street vendors, but the government did not try to move them because they were too many, and they were just trying to make a living for their family since the unemployment figures were so large.

The United Vendors Association was then established to agitate for the rights of the vendors. Each member of the Association was given a membership card which could be display if they are interfared with while they were conducting their business. There were monthly meetings which were held at the Coke Methodist Church at East Queen Street and church, once each month which were attended by large amount of vendors.

This was a time when the Established Airlines were making large amount of money as a result of the large amount of vendors who were travelling on a daily or weekly basis. Travelling on planes can be a very tiresome existance and as a result there were many problems for the vendors as they travel from time to time. Whatever be the problem, members of the association would make mention of them at the monthly meetings, and the Association would raise the matter with the given Airline, the Chamber of Commerce, or whoever were the offenders, and bring about satisfaction for our vendors.

There were times when a vendor of vendors gets of the plane but their luggage could not be located, or it they were insulted by workers atthe Airport these matters would be raised with the authorities until a reasoaable conclusion was reached. There were also many Rastafari people who would visit the United Vendors Association Headquarters at Mark Lane from time to time, to see the progress which were being made by black people, as well as to have discussions on other related issues. As I turn the pages of my memories, I will be able to say more abouit these great historic activities. But for now, I would just like to thank Ras Historian for establishing the United Vendors Association, and for all the good works which it has done for black people, and the employment which was created for so many unemployed people as a result.

So, now let us try to investigate, the where abouts of Ras Historian, and see what condition he is in, and try to help him like he has helped you all as a race of people. The journey of life continues. Take the best care of yourselves and your people.
Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination to African people everywhere.
Baba Ras Marcus.

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The United Vendors Association Helped Our People
United Vendors Association Helped Black People.
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