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Re: Deja Vu (M.E.C.A.) *LINK*
In Response To: Deja Vu (M.E.C.A.) *LINK* ()

The Unilateral Suggestion to Self-Destruction

I am sure you've all heard
the old wives' tale

that no hypnotised subject
may be forced to do

that which is repellent to
his moral nature, whatever that may be.

Nonsense, of course!

Oh, you note-takers might set down
a reminder to consult Brenman's paper,

"Experiments in the Hypnotic Production

of Antisocial and
Self-Injurious Behaviour",

or Wells' paper which was titled,

I believe, "Experiments in
the Hypnotic Production of Crime".

Or, of course, Andrew Salter's remarkable
book, "Conditioned Reflex Therapy",

to name only three.

Or, if it offends you
that only the West is working

to manufacture more crime
and better criminals

Against the modern shortages,

I suggest Krasnogorski's
"Primary Violence Motivation",

or Serov's "The Unilateral Suggestion
to Self-Destruction".

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