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Re: Deja Vu (M.E.C.A.) *LINK*
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May 18, 2010 "39 Online" --- Facing foreclosure, police say a husband and wife were driven to kill themselves in an apparent suicide pact that took place in a northwest houston home on Arncliffe near Antoine.

Officers found the couple's bodies in their bed Sunday night after worried neighbors reported not seeing them for more than a month.

"A couple here committed a murder suicide," said HPD Sgt. J.J. Wilson. "They left notes... and names of next of kin. It seems well planned and well thought out."

"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem," said Linda de Sosa.

She knows the pain the victim's family is going through. Her 28 year-old son, Michael, committed suicide just this past Christmas. Though she doesn't think it's the main reason, she does acknowledge he was dealing with mounting debt.

"Bad economic times put a lot of stress on different people.... it's when you start feeling the despair that there is nothing you can do," said de Sosa.

C.P.A. Alan Sandersen agrees when the economy goes down, suicides go up.

"Try to communicate with their lenders, try to work out a loan modification... if all else fails, get some legal help to buy some time," said Sandersen.

Like Sanderson, de Sosa said she only wished her son and the couple knew that there is always help available.

"The family members should reach out and suggest help," said de Sosa.

"You can come back from a foreclosure it doesn't mean it's the end of the world," said Sandersen.

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