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Terrorist visits White House *LINK*

“Netanyahu said he told Kerry and the other senators that the threat from Iran remains a strong part of any equation for negotiations.
"We intend to pursue the peace track independent of what happens in Iran," Netanyahu said, adding that "in point of fact, it should be done in parallel." Netanyahu considers Iran, with its nuclear program, arsenal of ballistic missiles and repeated calls for Israel's destruction, to be his country's greatest threat. He said Tuesday that Israel and "its neighbors" recognize the threat from Iran, and noted that "I was assured by President Obama yesterday that the U.S. is committed to preventing that from happening."

Does Iran even need nuclear weapons to blow Israel back to the age of the Nazis? Clearly not, its conventional weapons could more than do the trick; so why should an independent Palestinian state be dependent on any US-Iran nuclear deal. What is clear is that Israel wants to hold all the cards in the Middle East. It succeeded in destroying one challenger in Iraq and now it seeks to destroy both Iran and Pakistan, with US help of course; would not want to spill too much Israeli blood when there’s plenty of American gentile blood to be spilled; Israel wants to be free to bomb its neighbors back to the stone age whenever it feels; knowing that Iran is capable of striking back gives them great pause; thus they seek to play the nuclear threat card once again in the hopes that another U.S. president will sacrifice the nation’s future.

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Terrorist visits White House *LINK*
word/power to the investigations *NM*
Re: Terrorist visits White House
all because of 9-11, remember
How did they defeat the USSR then???
Re: How did they defeat the USSR then???
Re: How did they defeat the USSR then???
Re: How did they defeat the USSR then???
Well I consider you "juvenile"...
truth to the translation/explanation kween *NM*
False comparison
Re: False comparison
Re: False comparison
Re: Terrorist visits White House *LINK*
Re: Terrorist visits White House
Re: Terrorist visits White House
Re: Terrorist visits White House
Pyrrhic Victory

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