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the point

peace and hotep,

General Nyabinghi.

when you state:

"As I stated before, no two Egyptologist or ANY world historian know for certain who the Hyksos trully were. It is all quesses and estimations. In the field of academia, InI call that a "HYPOTHESIS". Basically meaning an educated quess."

you missed......the point.

remember that you cited the patriarch Abraham:

"" *** Once again the article is in eror. That had nothing to do with their "choseness". Their struggle in Egypt was told to Abraham by Jah that his people will serve in a foriegn land for 400 years. This was LONG before Moses was even on the scene. Their being in Egypt had nothing to do with prompting Jah. Jah is the one who put them there."

General Nyabinghi, the danger of a Hyksos/Hebrew correlation affects all judeo-islamichristinsane people.

ones may thank the Rosetta Stone for that matter since there wasn't any debate whatsoever of the faithe of the patriarchs until ones were able to compare natural and biblical history.

more study at the library may uncover that many archeologists and historians agree on exactly what the Hyksos are but keep in mind that Rosetta Stone holds several importances.

however, rastafari should not be embarrassed that the Solomonic lineage and the Hyksos lineage cross because the seed of Solomon or the ark of the covenant still returned to its origenal POINT.


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400 years.........
I thought I answered this 2 times?
the point

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