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I thought I answered this 2 times?
In Response To: 400 years......... ()

So basicaly we are to ignore history comming from whites, when it does not agree with you stomach?

Personally not all Rastafarians, believe that the 400 year prophecy was talking about Egypt. Some feel that it was talking about America.

So even if the prophecy pertians to America, and not Kemet, then what is your point?

And as I stated earlier, even if they stayed there for 200 years, what exactly changes?....That they were not slaves there? That they were not crushed up under those pharohs?

As I stated before, no two Egyptologist or ANY world historian know for certain who the Hyksos trully were. It is all quesses and estimations. In the field of academia, InI call that a "HYPOTHESIS". Basically meaning an educated quess.


Just so you know, that 400 year captivity theory in Kemet came from WHITE JEWS!!!

No white Jew would point to America as the fulfillment of the prophecy, becuase that would mean that the TRUE JEWS/ISRAELITES are black!!!

So the white Jew force feeds this 400 year prophecy on Kemet.

But like I said, they were there for 200 years. Long enough to be an oppressed people, especially if they came in as beggars, they would have been the lower class of Kemetian residents.

We all know how the lower class is treated in America. SO what made Egypt any different? The laws of Maat? America has a constitution if read sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. But we all know that the constituion was not written for everyone.

If people feel that the Laws of Maat, and the scribe Ani had EVERYONE/ETHNICITY in mind, when he was writting, would be a strange scholarly position to take.

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400 years.........
I thought I answered this 2 times?
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