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Re: word/power...gman ALWAYS on the vigilance

Thankhs 4 d "big up" Disciple, but personally I big up the brave and beautiful brothers and sisters of many colours,ages, etc. etc. who make up the "South Wales Anarchists" who are carrying on a proud tradition of speaking truth to power. And especially, best wishes to a certain upstanding Irish warrior wombman in regards to her upcoming courtroom battle with Tesco's supermarket over the destruction of Israeli produce being sold there (Everyone say no to jaffa oranges people)...
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The U.K. is an Orwellian Police state. Fight back *LINK*
Re: The U.K. is an Orwellian Police state. Fight b
word/power...gman ALWAYS on the vigilance *NM*
Re: word/power...gman ALWAYS on the vigilance
Just to remind ya, mauby is now...

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