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The U.K. is an Orwellian Police state. Fight back *LINK*

Fight back or just lie down and die all my peeps in the U.K. (and all the other Orwellian Police states out there). Fight back non-violenty, non-non-violently, or whichever way is appropriate. (No terrorism though, we'll be having no innocent lives lost thank you very much but as for the guilty if any of them go, well they've been asking for it for a long time).
Ian Tomlinson I never met ya mate but you're my bruv no matta u's a white man, you see me.
(That's the newspaper vendor who was murdered in an unprovoked attack by a masked London police officer with his badge number concealed)
And click de link to check out events closer to my neck of the woods... any of my fellow "West Indians" out there drinking some mauby right now? I wouldn't mind a nice cold glass of it myself. Watch out though because apparently it's classed as terrorist material:

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The U.K. is an Orwellian Police state. Fight back *LINK*
Re: The U.K. is an Orwellian Police state. Fight b
word/power...gman ALWAYS on the vigilance *NM*
Re: word/power...gman ALWAYS on the vigilance
Just to remind ya, mauby is now...

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