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Green Rasta
In Response To: White Rasta ()

Should Rasta accept extremely naive, wet behind the ears people who gwaan like they were born yesterday?
Not to go out of my way to offend ya... but come on now... at least look through the site, and the sister site Africa Speaks, and have a look through the HUNDREDS (it seems like) of similar questions asked... then come forward again... that's after you've answered General Niyabinghi's question of course...
Who are you to tell IanI what Rasta is or is not? "Rasta is a religion"??? *MY* elders in Rastafari, which includes some of my blood family, always emphasized to me that Rasta is NOT a "religion", at least not in the sense as it's usually understood in babylon. Who I suppose to believe, them or you?
Rewind and come again or we gon have to start calling you "the hulk" the way how you green...
PS Three Sixty and Rootsie who post on this site are 'white'. See if anyone comes up in their face lambasting them when they post. No one will, you know why? Not because we "accept them as Rastas", in fact I'm not sure either of them would call themselves that. It's cos they talk sense for the most part and people can respect that regardless of anything else.

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Green Rasta

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